Integrating Social Networking Tools into Your WordPress Site

No internet marketing plans can be termed complete effective unless you have integrated your pages with proper Social Media buttons which enable easy sharing of your content with other internet users. While you are executing a wordpress development project, it is strongly recommended you to incorporate some popular social networking tools which will make your content more visible and let other visitors share it with their networks online.

This is a remarkable opportunity for your web pages to gain some efficient and free promotion by encouraging your own audiences to do the marketing for you. One can incorporate these tools manually or by simply installing a wordpress plug-in.

  • Installing a plug-in is a log easier and quicker than manually trying to integrate each tool.
  • It is easier for those who are not proficient with concepts in web design and coding.
  • The end result is a lot more aesthetic and professional looking.
  • It is eventually less stressful compared to other means.

After having tried and tested a range of plug-ins that will help you in adding social media during your wordpress development phase, here are some of the best tools which will help you efficiently place the tabs on your pages, work for your benefit in your social sharing initiative and also ensure that your pages are slowed down.

Share bar

One of the most popular and best available sliding vertical bars available online, this social sharing toolbar is extremely easy to set up. It can also be easily customized and offers great functionality.

Social by Mail Chimp

This is an extremely lightweight plugin which allows easy integration between your blog or website with popular social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition to allowing users to share your content, it also allows auto-posts onto the pages and Twitter accounts of the brands.


This is one of the less popular plug-ins which is available for social media tabs, but it is equally aesthetic especially because of its ability to place itself inside the content according to a predefined alignment or at the end of the content.

Manually Placing your Tabs

For those who still require manually integrating Social media tabs into their wordpress website, there is a range of tutorials that you can go through on the internet which will guide you through the various codes available. This is a lot more time consuming and needs meticulous customization to suit the overall look and feel of your pages.

Incorporating these plug-ins has proven to have delivered some fantastic results for wordpress pages development. Making effective use of these buttons by strategically placing them encourages the sharing of your content and works towards driving a more targeted traffic to your web pages. Posting these buttons on your web pages offer great opportunities in implementing cost effective social media marketing