Why are all apps free?

are all apps free

As an initial step, most developers offer their apps for free in app stores as they need people to view and install them. This is an effective marketing method to reach out to people. If the app is good and user-friendly people will continue to use them and even move to a paid version. Not all the apps developed will succeed. It depends on the performance of the app. Additionally, effective website development can further enhance the visibility and accessibility of the app, potentially increasing its success rate.

A company might be offering its app for free with the intention of having benefits somehow. Either they will be planning to earn through Google adsense. When more people are downloading the app, a high rate can be charged to the advertisers. Or there will be trackers embedded in the app to collect the user data.

A free app doesn’t charge the user for downloading it from the app store. Thus users could download it and make a decision on continuing based on the performance and features it provides. Free apps use less energy for advertising than paid apps.

Do Free Apps Get Paid?

You might be thinking about how it benefits apps when offered for free. Or How could anyone get paid for a free app?

Yes, most of the freemium mobile apps are free at first, but later on, users might purchase the app to enjoy more app features other than the basic functionalities. Despite being a free app, it earns through various monetization methods. This is an effective strategy to offer free apps resulting in higher user downloads. They pay for the app once they try out and get interested. The Freemium model prioritizes user experience and makes sure they are satisfied with the app compelling them to move into premium versions.

Money is earned through free apps by the following ways

  • In-app advertising:Here ads are placed inside the free app and earn when the user clicks it. In-app ads can be Interstitial ads, Banner ads, In-stream video ads, Native ads, Rewarded video ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing:It is done with collaborating with influencers to refer the brand and commission is earned through it by advertising any brand or product on the free app.
  • In-app purchases:Products and services are purchased within the app and a certain percentage of revenue is earned through it.
  • Sponsorship:The app company make partnership deal with a product company with a monthly sponsorship fee for placing the product in the app.

Pros and Cons of Free apps


  1. Get more app downloads:
  2. Free apps can be used by anyone resulting in more downloads. The app will increase its visibility as more people are attracted and recommend the app for its extensive features and performance even when offered as free.

  3. Accessible to everyone:
  4. Free apps are accessible to everyone, as it doesn’t require any payments for downloading the apps. Anyone could approach the app and use it for free.

  5. High visibility:
  6. Freemium apps are more popular in the app store that will be appearing on the top. Also, users are more likely to download the apps that appear in the first visible section. Thus the app doesn't need much effort in marketing and promotions.

  7. Multiple revenue opportunities:
  8. Free apps could earn revenue through other monetization methods like in-app purchases option within the app to make purchases for more features and services. Also other opportunities like advertisements done to free users, subscriptions etc.


  1. Revenue is uncertain:
  2. Revenue earning is one drawback of the free apps. The revenue completely depends on whether the users upgrade to a paid version. There is no revenue for normal downloads. But the user's interest in the app and want to enjoy the premium version insists on paying. So without any monetization strategies, there won't be any profits earned.

  3. Features are limited:
  4. When compared to paid apps, features are limited for free apps until users upgrade to premium for advanced features. Free apps attract users to install them, but only basic features will be provided.

  5. High competition:
  6. There are numerous apps offered for free with unique benefits in the app stores. So the competition is high to get more users to download the app.

Free apps help in defining the market for a new business. Many users download the app when it's free and may recommend it to others which will result in your business growth.