What are the requirements for creating a typical website?

what are the requirements in making a typical website
  1. Domain name

  2. You will have to get the domain name as the first and it is the URL of your website. Most probably the business name is your domain name. There should be 2 domains for your website. One as the primary domain and the other one pointed to the same website whereas the first one is to create pages. You can register your domain yourself on domain registrar or on your behalf. You can even select domain names on keyword based. Domain name should be unique. But a website can have multiple domain names but pointed to the same website.

  3. Hosting

  4. It is the space where the website is living. With hosting services to the public can be given at its best. Website needs a space to store all its datas and that is a host. All the websites have a hosting they choose and it is a must to have a hosting for the website.

    There are 2 types of hosting:
    1. Shared hosting
    2. Dedicated hosting

  5. Website platform

  6. You can run a website so fast with having a good website platform. These builders are for people with less coding knowledge and it has a user-friendly interface.Wordpress is a popular website with user friendly interface.

  7. Logo Designing

  8. A well designed logo shows your branding. It helps you to be recognised by others easily. Getting a more innovative logo always helps in your business, because it is not only shown in your website but also in cards, sign boards , on products etc so be careful while designing and try to bring up the better and best ideas

  9. Web designers and developers

  10. The crucial part of the website lies in the website and a web designer is responsible for that, then the rest is handled by the developers. Projects can be finished on time with the help of best project management softwares for web developers. A good website is always good for the business. In the present scenario everything goes through online so each and every product googled and people select the best from them. A website can vary from products, ideas, targeted audience and the preferences. Therefore we should be the best web development company with the best and experienced web designers and developers.

  11. SSL (Security Socket Layer)

  12. SSL becomes very important for a website. SSL takes care of the downloading and encrypting images by making it safer. Your web designer should install or purchase a SSL for the website and install one for you. If SSL is not there then your website is not secure.

  13. Images

  14. Images are also an important part of the website not just to make the website beautiful, it will give ideas to clients about the work and products the company is doing.

  15. XML sitemap

  16. XML sitemap is to show all pages in the website where google find all those pages and index them. This helps in ranking your website. Through XML search engine understands the structure of your website. So XML sitemap is essential while making a website.

  17. Website maintenance

  18. A website should be well maintained with the up to date configurations and updates. The plugins and themes should be configured from time to time. It is important for the performance and moreover it is much more important for security purposes. It will the maintained from a hacker or bot before theory gets into it to take the access of the website. Thus we can say web development services are essential for a healthy website.

  19. SEO Friendly

  20. A website is to be created in a way for the search engine as well as the users to understand all details in the website. Search engines are now extremely advanced, however it is not possible to see everything in the website understand it. With SEO search engine could find out the website and its pages and how this will benefit the users.