What are the web development skills beginners should have?

Web development skills for beginners

We know that web development is actually a creation , building and to maintain a website. It includes mainly publishing , web design, database management and programming. In short we can say that , A web development is a creation of an application that is working over the internet.

Web developing skills are really an essential part in this modern era. Web development field is now being popular among people. Web development is also being used in the non-design aspects too in creating the website, for coding etc. It uses the content management for the users and for the developers to make content easier. For people who lack the technical skills,it will be very helpful.Here the main aim of the web development or for the web designers is to make the website more lively , user friendly and to take up the decisions, styling the pages , fonts etc. Building rich web applications with PHP terrible book packt symfony as a framework is extremely good for the beginners.

Here in this Blog, we will be discussing the web development skills that will be useful for the people who are just starting their career in the field of web development.

Front end development

Front end development is actually a style of computer programming, that mainly aims at coding and creating features, element on to the website that is shown to the end users .It is all about visual representation of the functionalities in the website. There are some of the major things that a fresher needs to come across at the beginning of their career.The three basic programming languages that is used in the front end are ;

  1. JavaScript
  2. Hypertext Markup language (HTML)
  3. Cascading Style sheets (CSS) to design websites


Html (HyperText Markup language) show the content and the structure for the website.It is a for creating the front-end.By the use of Html, the browsers will show all the text , and some elements that render web pages , that will contain hyperlinks for other webpages, to display it to the end-users.


Cascading Style Sheets is actually a language which is used for the creation of page layout, its color’s , fonts and style , background effects etc.Here you can make the changes in the design , you can control the layouts and its components for the different devices like tablets, desktop, smartphones etc. For example you can make the changes in the header section , footer section, its contents etc.


Javascript allows the web developers to add all the features to attract the end-users and to keep the users or visitors to be more engaged in the websites.Also it enables the functions like dropdown menu, drag and drop options etc.The javascripts functionality extents the functionalities of websites beyond the HTML and CSS through JS.It can refresh dynamically and also can respond to the users without any delay in loading the pages or if there is any changes too.

  • Git
  • A code versioning technology that will allow you to identify and rectify errors very quickly. The main advantages include that the programs are just a tract on the changes we have made to the code so before any further changes are made we can review it. A full-stack web developer operating under pressure needs to possess this skill.

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Skills
  • Developers with basic SEO are preferred the most. This is because a website with strong SEO performs better in search results, bringing in more visitors. SEO is a useful skill for web developers to have because clients typically want to boost the amount of visitors to their website. So when a developer can handle both developing and seo skills it's an advantage for both developers as well as the web development company.

Back End Development

Backend development is the tasks done behind the website which could not be seen by the user. Backend developers work on servers to run the website. So they should have these skills in programming languages while working with server and query language while working with databases.

Programming languages

Java: It is an open-source language, the most accessible language to learn. This language is often used by several big companies which will be beneficial for you to join them by having some exposure to this language.

Python:It is the most popular programming language suitable for beginners as it is flexible and versatile.

Node.js: It is a server environment for running javascript outside. So learning this will help developers to execute javascript to create dynamic web pages.

PHP: It is a scripting language to create dynamic page content. It is essential for developer working on worpress to learn PHP as it is used behind the wordpress themes and plugins.