Best Web Development Courses Online

Web Development Courses Online

Have you ever wondered why web development is vital in this Internet era? Web developers are the unknown heroes of this growing pile of websites and mobile apps that uplift online sales while making consumers' lives easy. It's the task of a web developer to create and maintain websites. Web development is a good choice for your career if you have planned to be a part of the IT field.

Steps for becoming a web developer

Being a beginner: it will be easy for you to become a web developer if you learn about the basics of web development. You can learn the basics by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a style sheet language used to shape HTML elements to display in the browser as a web page, and Javascript is the most popular programming language on the web.

It is better if you have learned about web development fundamentals. Try to make an effort to choose a development specialization. Grasp your knowledge in programming languages. Keep doing tasks in UI and UX that may be helping you to make progress in your Web Developer skills. Creating a web development portfolio will always give an upper hand.

There are many known and unknown online learning platforms around the world. These online educational platforms help us attend our online section by being anywhere in the world if we have access to the internet. Online learning makes it more effortless, that we can study at any time we want. Some of the online platforms teaching web development courses that help you to get into a good web development company are below:-


Coursera is a worldwide online education platform that was established in the year 2012 in the United States. Coursera is one of the most prominent and widely used online educational platforms available with-in-easy today. As an online learning platform, Coursera provides real-world credentials and degrees. Thus, Coursera can candidly assist you in your professional endeavors.

Their team contributes 7000+ online courses counting full-stack java development, HTML, business analytics, graphic design, and python programming. Therefore, this is a legit option for the students who want to learn.

Some of the courses provided for beginners by Coursera are Web design, Basics of Web development and Coding, Introduction to Web development, IBM Full-stack Web Developer, Google UX design, Java programming, and software engineering Fundamentals Etc. For the intermediate level, they contribute courses like Full stack development with Angular, Design and developing a website using Figma and CSS, and Web Application for everybody. Last but not least, for the advanced group there are courses like Full-stack web development with React, Build the whole website using WordPress, Advanced Django building a blog, Spacecraft Dynamics and Control.


Udemy is an online training platform that guides learners to gain their skills. They provide their courses in over 50+ languages that can be viewed through online electronic devices. Users can revise any topic at any time, and if you purchase any course you want then it comes with lifetime access to the material. Users can download their classes and play them in a good quality version whenever they want.

The courses Udemy offers are exquisite for beginner-level learners who have no previous experience in the coding field. Users can choose anything related to web development programs like JavaScript, MongoDB, CSS, Node Js, Python, Front-End Development, React, and HTML. Udemy also offers countless courses for intermediate and advanced level users. It's an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in being a Web developer.

Some of the courses Udemy includes related to web developments are:- Angular-The complete Guide(2022), Become a web developer from scratch, Become a certified HTML, CSS, JavaScript Web Developer, Learn C# programming (In Ten Easy Steps), AJAX Developmentā€¦


EdX is an online digital academic program founded by Harvard and MIT in the year 2012. EdX also provides free numerous online courses from prestigious universities and institutions as well as premium diplomas. Most of the courses they provide may be free, but if you are planning to join any organization then it's preferable to join a paid course where you can receive a certificate because they don't provide certificates for their free courses.

EdX is offering premium courses from the world's finest universities. They provide almost 1000+ online free courses. EdX is well known as MOOCs (Massive Open Online courses).

Some of the courses offered by EdX are AI and Digital transformation courses, Data science & analysis, Information technology & Cyber Security, Project management, and Operations & supply chain management.

LinkedIn In Learning:-

We all know what LinkedIn is and why Linkedin is used for. LinkedIn is a professional networking website that was created exclusively for professionals all over the world. People can use the website to find job possibilities, business contacts and manage their professional identities.

LinkedIn learning has been developed from the Linkedin app. LinkedIn Learning is an online training platform that assists you in discovering and improving business, technological and creative skills through expert-led courses. The LinkedIn learning app can be downloaded by any person because it's free of cost. This also provides you with the video courses held by the experts. Some of the trending courses offered by the LinkedIn learning apps are:- Angular essential training, Learning rest APIs, CSS Essential Training, WordPress 5 essential training, Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack, and Front End.

Similarly, many more online courses are providing excellent platforms on which people like us rely upon. This has had a great influence on us during the bane of the dreadful pandemic in and around the world. Students around the globe continued their classes without taking the risk of getting exposed to the infected environment. This also has benefits for users, as they can pursue two or more courses at a time. There are many more sites that provide online web development courses that include skillshare, Masterclass, Udacity, Pluralsight, etc. The opportunities for web developers are rising day by day. Thus these online learning platforms help individuals to begin their dream careers in IT.