Technology Trends in Web development

Technology trends are increasing today in various streams and they are occupying their place in web development. To reach the audience these technologies are a good platform


AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages is the most trends in web development. For better browsing experience to users, Google makes better loading speed to pages. Those are mobile friendly and it is an open-source custom web development. Using AMP-HTML special code, it is easy to speed up the loading page better. Today no one has so much time to spend on websites to make it fast actions AMP are very helpful.


Single Page Application helps to interact with people who work inside a browser and no need of page reloading. User can continue to stay on the same page while new elements are updated and the result is better. This is done by java scripts. SPA is well suited for Google Map once we scroll from one side to another update are showing according to our search on that page itself.

Push Notification and Motion UI

Push notification is a new trend which you can use it for sending customers about new features, updates to users. Motion UI is used for creating animation and CSS transition into a website. It contains bundles of transition in the CMS file. Users get attracted by this animation and can hold them to your website.


It is an open public digital ledger used to record or check transactions between different parties in an appropriate way. By this, you can record events; medical records, employee portfolio management, eCommerce sector and transaction processing. Anyone that has a small, big or medium business can use this. Blockchain helps to measure and check appropriate result to your business. In the online market place, there is also a huge impact for the block chain in the eCommerce sector. Since, block chain technology is considered as an innovative technology.


Cybersecurity is used to protect a network, large data and system from attacks and this can be used to get sensitive and personal information of one people. Like that, as a web development company we amke sure that our website can be protected from various attacks. Hackers may try to attack your website through the various method. Cybersecurity will save your website by a web application firewall. It will monitor your website and protect from any issues.

Artificial intelligence

AI means machines that can work as a human being. They can do some human abilities like problem-solving, decision making, and voice recognition, planning and learning etc. users’ needs for website customisation are changing day by day. The UX are focused and Ai is used for this individual purpose. So in website chatbots, voice record etc. are part of it and these can be done by AI.