Coding Antipatterns you have to avoid in web development

Some coding Antipatterns you must avoid in web development

What are antipatterns?

A bad design can be considered as anti patterns, which is also ineffective. There can be different types of anti patterns. Having antipatterns in your website results in bugs and inefficiency in the code, and you can clear it later. It can make technical debits.

A simply structured and commented code is something a developer needs. A large amount of designs and frameworks are available to follow with the given rules in precise. Even then there are some antipatterns found in software that are written earlier or in fast. An authority could be set in the codebase if a harmless hack is used to solve the problems.

Like the self-criticism needed in any personal development or profession, it is also essential in the coding field to find and remove any inefficient patterns while web development. This is why a programmer should be aware of anti patterns. These are some of the anti-patterns we are discussing.

Spaghetti code

Spaghetti code is denoted by nested loops, complex logics and conditional statements which makes it difficult to read and becomes a challenge for updates and maintenance. Most spaghetti code occurs when more than one developer is working on the same projects for a long period of time and frequently updating code. To avoid spaghetti error developers must be diligent, do unit tests often and should double check the programmers to avoid issues.

Golden Hammer

Golden hammer also called law of the instrument rely on any familiar tool with a thought that it could be used for solving problems. But as it doesn't use different tools or techniques which could cause many maintenance issues web development companies have to expand the new tools,trends and technologies . This pattern mostly appears among small groups. So it's good to expand the team to get new technological ideas.

Dead code

There can be a lot of files saved in different directories. When you are doing a project and going to check each line, test each function, modules etc and find some bugs or find a function that doesn't do anything. Maybe the former workers may have created one and now it isn't required in your website but you are worried about deleting the file. That is called dead code. As the name indicates it doesn't have any use in the code. There won't be any changes if you terminate the code, because it may have been created years before and removing the function won't make any changes in the current project.

Boat anchor

With a costly purchase boat anchor can be either software or hardware which occurs when a developer uses a complex solution instead of a simple one that will take more time and effort. So the problems are all solved in a complicated way for even simpler problems.

God object

God objects find it excessive. They are accountable for the user ID, transaction ID, first and last names of the consumer, transaction amount, and other information. It is also known as swiss army knife. Programmers really find it difficult because they get more than what they ask for.

Lava Flow

This occurs when several changes are made at the same time in the codebase which will be difficult to find the part where the problems occur. It takes a lot of time to get a solution.

Hard coding

It is the well known anti-pattern that every programmer gets warned beforehand. Hard coding is the undesirable habit of storing configuration or input data, like a file path or a remote host name, directly in the source code as opposed to getting it from a configuration file, database, user input, or another external source. Hard code only works in certain environments and if the conditions change anytime you have to correct the source code maybe in multiple places.