10 Questions to ask to your web development company

Questions to ask web development company

  1. How long does one web development project take to complete from start to finish?
  2. If you have any deadline for your project to be done, then you have to speak with your web development company and should coordinate with them accordingly without any confusion. Communicate with them about your project, budget and deadline. Then afterwards frequently coordinate with them. And the time truly depends on your project.

  3. What services are provided?
  4. Most of the services are customized as per the clients need. There are massive services provided like cybersecurity, testing, maintenance, development, designing etc. coordinate with the developer and discuss about the services you need in your website and they will be doing it accordingly.

  5. What is the project timeline?
  6. Determining the time of a project depends on the project. The timeline varies from project to project. Because it depends on the factors included in the project plus depends on the number of pages. Before finalizing the project with the web development company it is important to talk about the timeline. For better results you have to do your part correctly like coordinating with the company and provide them with the resources they need and help them with your ideas and information about the project.

  7. How much will it cost?
  8. Talking about the cost, you are the only one who knows how much money you can afford to spend for this website, so definitely you have to talk with your company and tell them about your budget. Cost varies from projects. Also, increasing the timeline can also increase the cost. Ask a company’s pricing before hiring them and compare with your budget and with the rest of the companies you come across.

  9. Is my new website going to be responsive?
  10. The technique of creating and modifying websites for optimal viewing on all screen sizes and devices is known as responsive web design. Make sure your developer is prepared to build a website that is both completely responsive, also the website is both tablet and mobile friendly. A website that responds to desktop, mobile,tablet, laptop etc with the same html code on the same url is what we call responsive web design.

  11. Will I be able to change things on my website after its launch?
  12. If you are a person who wants to make changes in your website later after launching then at the beginning of the project itself you have to open up with your developer and work accordingly. Tell them to build your website user friendly and easy to use. Also you should have a content management system so that you can update it later after the launching.

  13. Will my website be secure?
  14. A secure website is free of spams, bugs and hackers. For that you have to maintain your website well with right updation of software, plugins, and do routine checkup. Also your company will be guiding you through these tasks and will help you make your website more secure.

  15. What kinds of projects have you taken on?
  16. We always like to give our projects to the most experienced and well worked companies. So for that we have to ask a company about the work they have done before and should check whether there is a project similar to ours so that it will be easier and you will get confidence about the selected company that they can give you the best result. Almost all companies showcase their past works in their pages as a portfolio, if not it's your duty to ask them about the work they have done before. Because a portfolio gives you the idea about the company's functionality and designs. You can build an ecommerce website with a company that has past experience in that. Wanted to build a wordpress website? Then you should work with the developer who is a specialist in cms.

  17. What technologies do you use?
  18. Knowing about the technologies used can give you an idea about the company and whether they match with your project. It doesn't matter whether you are familiar with the languages or not. If you want a wordpress website then our developer should be comfortable with php. Accordingly you can understand whether they match with your project and whether you can hire them as your web developer/ agency.

  19. How many rounds of edits/revisions are included?
  20. There is no correct answer for this question, maybe one of the good answers is as much as needed. Your developer should be willing to work with you until the project is completed perfectly as you needed. Until then they have to do the edits and revisions. And the cost for that depends on the company. It is good to have more and more revisions and edits, that is going to make your website more perfect.