Learning Management System (LMS) with Affiliate Software

Learning Management System (LMS) with Affiliate Software.

Sounds interesting! Right?

Well, let us have a look.

The term Learning Management system or LMS appears regularly in eLearning articles, beginner’s guides and tip sheets. And hence, it will be really beneficial if you know what are the scope and benefits of LMS in an affiliate software.

What is an LMS?

Learning Management System is computer software or an online resource platform which enables us to create, manage and deliver various e-learning modules.It is a new e commerce trend also.

One can actually compile any course, including creating a course, modifying from time to time, assigning them to students, grading the students etc., with the help of an LMS software.

LMS with an affiliate networking software delivers you the best if you are an active network marketer.

However, the most common usage of LMS software is to execute and keep a record of the online training functionalities. Educational resources are uploaded to the Learning Management System and hence makes it easily accessible to the remote learners.

Just give a thought of a Learning Management System, as a fully loaded resource where you can either store or track information.

Anyone who has a login username and password can access these online training resources whenever required.

Anyone who has a login username and password can access these online training resources whenever required.

Basically, the users of the Learning Management System falls into two categories:

First ones are the learners who use LMS to acquire more knowledge on a variety of topics, through the online training courses available in the system.

And the second one is the team who rely on the LMS platform to deliver information and update the existing course, materials.

Benefits of the Learning Management System

  • Organizes and stores Big Data safely

  • LMS allows you to store all the Big Data in one particular storage location. And hence the process of maintaining and updating your learning materials are easy whenever required.

    In addition, most LMSs feature advanced encryption methods, so that the chance of falling data into the hands of the wrong person is very less.

  • Surveil the Progress and Performance of the Learners

  • All the LMS platforms will be having an inbuilt analytics and reporting mechanism which makes easy to keep a record of the various aspects of the online training programs.

    This mechanism allows you to study the patterns or trends with the help of charts, graphs, and other pictorial representations.

  • Improves Resource Allocation

  • LMS platform enables you to allocate online training resources more effectively.

    LMS helps you to identify the different aspects of your online training programs like whether they are meeting out your expectations or not.

    If a particular course has very less number of attendees, then it indicates that you need to reevaluate that respective online training module.

    Secondly, LMS helps your eLearning team update online training resources more quickly.

    And hence, you can keep the corporate learners’ update using a single tool.

  • Personalizes The Online Training Experience

  • One of the major advantages of using LMS is that it enables everyone to get individualized online training depending on their goals, interests, and other criteria. And hence, this turns out to be a more effective online training experience, with better memory retention, engagement and increased learner satisfaction.

  • Improves eLearning Accessibility

  • Learning Management System allows you to access online training courses without geographical limitations. So as long as the corporate learners can log in to the system, they could expand their knowledge and hone their skills.

Role of Affiliate Marketing in the LMS

Learning Management System with Affiliate Software

Most of the people out there will be familiar with the Employee Referral System, wherein the existing employees of a company will recommend recruits for the existing vacancies. And in turn, he or she will be receiving a commission for every selected referral.

LMS with affiliate software also works in a similar way. The only difference is that it uses a wordpress based online environment.

One can integrate the affiliate referral system in the existing LMS software using the WP Plugins. And then you can market your website through multiple channels.

If a student signs up for a course using their affiliate ID, then they will be eligible for an amount that is predefined and conveyed, as a commission for the referral purchase.

Also, the affiliate marketing software plugin could be integrated with several third-party plugins like. Woocommerce , Easy Digital Downloads, iThemes Exchange, Jigoshop, WP e-commerce, WP Easycart, and JigoShop.

The major use of this plugin would be for the existing students and teachers. So that they can refer the courses to their friends and colleagues. And hence could earn referral commissions as well as increase the membership count of your LMS software.


Integrating your Learning Management System software with the affiliate marketing software would definitely encourage more people to become affiliates on your website and thus increase the enrollment for the courses provided by you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Encourage more people to join your LMS module with affiliate software plugin and thus earn more!