Is it necessary to use javascript for Web Development

is javaScript necessary for web development

Different programming languages will be needed in the field of web development. Almost every website is now using JavaScript in building a website which is a popular language among developers. A web developer works with javascript daily as it is unavoidable. Usually javascript is needed more for front-end development and seeking more knowledge on javascript libraries and frameworks will only get you better.

For frontend developers, this is the basic language which is used along with HTML and CSS. The website is said to be complete with HTML for the structure, CSS for the giving style to the website and javascript gives the functioning on how a page in a website connects with the user. It is also included in backend language to communicate within server, databases, and clients.

Javascript is used by the developers in different ranges based on the website. For building a simple website developers use less javascript while more javascript is used by developers building complex interfaces or any games. Complex pages can be created using javascript like PHP. Not all browsers supported javascript before. But now almost all browsers support javascript. It is popular with its client side in Angular as well as server side in Node.j.s to run. It is read and interpreted in the web browser of the user on the client side and when coming to the server side, it runs on the computer. As per The HackerRank report javascript has become the fifth popular programming language company looks for a web developer before hiring.

JavaScript is a backend programming language that it can use to communicate from a database server and return back to the client. As it is an object oriented programming language it helps you in learning full-stack applications. Many developers use it as a tool to start their career well and good. Which benefits their professional development life. With having some existing skills in programming and dedication you could learn javascript within a week. They find it as the best point to start with in their career. Even if javascript lacks latest features as modern languages, it doesn’t forget to update new trends for developers in web development. So web development companies uses javascript in building websites.

Javascript is a client side scripting language. Therefore many websites use javascript as client side scripting language for easily writing custom made development and integrating with html. Additionally, they can employ JavaScript to reduce server load, make web pages interactive, instantly respond to user input, and produce richer user interfaces. It is a proliferated language as it allows extension using transpilers likeDukeScript and TypeScript which send source codes and produce similar codes in another language. Developers at times can use node.js as a cross platform for server-side code in javascript.Additionally, it effectively runs the JavaScript code through the Google V8 JavaScript engine. As per this advantage libraries provided by Node.js further allows the developers to smoothly without any external web servers. Therefore, web developers can utilize some Node.js to create JavaScript code for both the client and the server.

Why javascript is considered to be the best language?

There are some acceptable reasons for that.

  • It is autocomplete
  • Loading is easy, using javascript do not require reloading off the page
  • Giving animations to the page is one of the main advantages like fading, sliding or chart.
  • Play audios and videos
  • Well grounded input from the Web forms
  • Less browser compatibility issues.

So to become a professional developer in this modern world with success JavaScript is a must have language to learn. Now even google and facebook have introduced their own javascript framework.