How to solve web testing problems

How to solve web testing problems

When a website or software is being built, people think that this can be easily done until they realize the hardship behind the whole process that is done. Several elements are joined to get the website with proper functioning. Testing is one main step taken in the development process to find bugs or any other issues. The developers make sure if the website is running properly through website testing.

There are many problems faced while testing and all these issues can be properly fixed. Below are some problems in website testing and solutions to fix it. Testing can be done either as automated testing or manual testing.

Manual Vs Automation Testing

  • Manual testing: depends on human’s to do all the work. The number of errors can be high in case of manual testing because it is done by humans. Slight attention change can cause errors and less accuracy of the work done. Due to the same mode of work it can result in boredom and followed by carelessness can result in greater mistakes. It may not be convenient and will be time consuming as humans test the website to find the errors.
  • Automation testing: It removes human participation in work. The automation facilitates the planning, creation, execution, and evaluation of tests. It is a short process where that cannot be done through manual work. Very much more economical than manual as it only requires less working time.


  1. Performance testing
  2. In this modern developed world everyone needs a fast response and fast answers. After each stage it requires faster updates to know about the performance of a website. Web Load Testing, Web Stress Testing are two methods of testing. When testing a website's functioning on various hardware platforms and operating systems, software and hardware memory leakage faults are looked for.

  3. User Input Validation
  4. A part that always gets missed but an important part of testing. Is the part where you check the form submission etc. the warning message will come if the wrong input is submitted and will get a chance to correct it.

  5. Continuous testing
  6. Testing a website doesn't stop even after completing the website. You have to deliberately check the site even after launching the site. Even if your site performs good today but the opposite happens next time it affects you very badly. Avoid unnecessary situations like troubleshooting effects by the audience, sites getting hacked, or third parties.

  7. UI Testing
  8. User interface testing ensures effective performance of the website with a responsive website meeting all design requirements that can be used with ease. But this face some issues in testing

    • When handling a large project testers may have to go through several complex processes creating a chance of having more errors.
    • It may be difficult to manage the testing scripts when there are constant changes made by developers in web development company.

    Using codeless automation it is no longer needed to write or to maintain any test scripts. Having UI test cases in the beginning could save more time and cost and could effectively manage tests.

  9. Usability testing
  10. It solves a wide area of problems. They must also make sure that any app modifications do not disrupt the functioning of the system. The best solution comes from the side of users when they do the testing. Here we need in-depth knowledge and understanding to overcome the issues. For testing, the teams may employ representative groups.

  11. Skill level requirement
  12. They must be able to determine what might have caused a test to fail. Still if you don't get the results then you have to check further on it. The issues can be of various types like bugs, changes in site requirements, device incompatibility etc. and as challenge he team should work this out using all the trial and error method. Automated testing can be false at times and they require ample time to recover because they will eat up resources. So, the skill level requirements are an important part of a Q&As and developers.