How To Prepare Briefing For The Web Project

How To Prepare A Briefing For Your Web Project

In this blog we try our best to share with you the briefing required before you select an agency or before starting a project. You should have an idea about what you are starting and what you expect as the output of your project. The objectives, the time of delivery, designs and final product. First, the main key point is to brief all your requirements in the first place. You can say and describe what your business is about, why you need a website, and what are your expectations from that website etc. The more specific your brief, the more accurate quotations you will receive.

Briefing is done to have a better understanding of the thoughts and ideas about the project which is to be designed. Communication can be made clearly with all the points covered.

Below mentioned are some points to be included in briefing web design.

  1. Background:
  2. Rather than just coming to any web development company and asking “ I need a website”. Come up to a web development company and talk about your ideas and views. The briefing does not require finished articles. It can be conveyed through any medium. Even a talk can help you receive better results. That is why all companies prefer to have good contact with their clients, because having conversation with their clients and then analyzing their needs will help you complete the job correctly and the clients will find the results according to their views.

  3. Systematic collaborations:
  4. You have to specify everything you need to the developers team. Should specifically talk about all your needs, views and what they have to work for. From the initial briefing our developers will start working and provide with the first set of results, and for the continuation you have to clearly brief the next part, accordingly have a relation between the web development company and you, thus the outcome will be more accurate as the client needs.

  5. Target Audience:
  6. The project mainly focuses on the target audience in all stages of development starting from research. So it is customized as per their requirements. Collecting all information for designing like the kind of audience and their characteristics and the kind of reaction they give to your site or any demographic data. This mainly comes in the form of google analytics or webmaster.

    It is really useful when briefing the new audiences as well as the current audiences whom we want to attract to our website. The website design with the clients interest is also crucial. Target audience has an impact in almost every element in the website. Even the color and images do matter.

  7. Management:
  8. The brief can be used as a project management tool to manage expectations and keep the work on schedule. It can also aid in preventing scope creep, which is the inadvertent growth of a project's scope and objectives over what was initially agreed upon. It's critical to recognise a few crucial bits of data that can keep your project on schedule and within budget.

  9. Project goals:
  10. Once there is a clear idea about the project automatically you will find the goal of the website and its uses. Also understanding the whole website will help to ensure its design well in an effective way, and focuses on the client and their goal. And simultaneously if the project reaches the goal the brand awareness increases automatically, with increase in sales, improved online presence, will therefore help with increased enquiries, and to get leads.

  11. Hosting and maintenance:
  12. Clients of web design firms frequently delegate hosting and upkeep of their websites to the design firms. And as in all the industries the professionals will know about the resources available and which will fit the best. This Includes the decision of who will be in charge of purchasing the domain name and hosting as well as how much ongoing support the customer anticipates from the designer.

  13. Current website:
  14. For the existing or old website the briefing is needed on the current working with positive as well as negative aspects and what is to be changed and improved. You can make a brief on the expectations you want on the website for better experience, better loading speed.