How to create a good about us page for web development companies

How to make a good about us page for your web development company

An About Us page is the insight into your business, brand, or company for the target audience. About us gives a brief on how you start your company or business, what are your values and beliefs are, what makes you unique and why customers should choose you.

The About Us should always clearly define what the business/company is all about their product designs, services, sustainability, and performance. About Us page can build trust with the potential customers by conveying details like a story. Adding an interactive about us page is one of the best tips for your own company website growth. When a customer reads it they will go emotionally investing in your business. It would be easy for them to relate their requirement and our services, hardship and victories they have faced

Why an About Us page ?

To build the best relationship with your customers, an About Us page plays a crucial role. About us, page is the core heart to identify what a website is trying to convey. Benefits of About Us page:

1. About Us page is popular with new visitors

People are curious about the services you are providing and what benefits the users get from the services, and products. They also love stories and learning more about your company, brand, products. An About Us page can quench all these thirsts. So it’s crucial to create a page that capitalizes on the curiosity of your potential customers.

2. About us shows your uniqueness

About page is a great place to build beliefs in your customers that no one else is that efficient as you in your business like yours for the same reasons that you are. The unique business implementation story is what sets yourself apart from the competition and your About Page is the place you can highlight the importance of choosing you for their business empowerment.

3. About Us curdles your brand image

The About Us page is the most suitable place to proclaim exactly who you are and how you would be perceived by the word. It is where we can attract and convert customers through creative designs and content and it is a fact that there’s nothing that’s obnoxiously loud or distracting – it’s just darn good – like your services or products. It is the About Us page the best place where we can use somewhat psychology to its advantage.

How to write About Us page

The About Us page must contain all of the important things like services, products, or brands you are providing for your consumers. A few suggestions to make amazing elements of any About Us Page depending on your industry specifics.

1. Include a unique value proposition

One of the vital points to follow while we are to create an About Us page is that initially, we will have to figure out the exact and unique selling point and draw attention to it by building the About Us page around it. For example, if the unique selling point is figured out then focus on why you have that strategy. If it is a service explain how this service goes unavoidable for the customers. If it is a product explain how this product influences the daily life of common people. It is important to keep these points in mind while making an about us page for a web development company.

2. Show your company’s faces

Our eyes are naturally drawn to faces. It is reluctant to include the faces of your founders or the entire team, This can somewhat help to control where your reader looks at. Even a single face and simple profile shot are big enough to put a physical face to the company. This will improve the About page as well as the image of a company

3. Tell your brand story

A brand story is playing a vital role on the About Us page, it is what makes you unique. There won’t be any other similar stories quite like yours, so it’s important that you draw attention to them. Make it more appealing including important events in your brand’s history like, When you had the idea of your brand, When did you sell your first product, etc. Stories need to be short, easily understood and less self-praising, babbling on and going offtopic.

4. Be transparent to your consumers

On the about page be transparent in your services/ products to the customers as in the world where the internet is as prevalent as it is and the transparency is a marketable asset. Keep it as a necessity, rather than as an option. Something a handful of photos of our services/ product can be enough to give curious customers.

5. Let customers know where you are

Customers may feel much better when they find out where your business is based. This would build trust with the people in your area as well as others who know this place well. So never hesitate to mention the location of your office, service providing locations, where your products are manufactured, and so on.

6. Direct customer towards the next action

The bottom of the About Us page is where you can direct and utilize your customers wisely. So always make it attractive with a customer connection form to collect customer details.

Do not include this on the About Us page

Selfboasting is something rubbish and people perceive it as a lowly manner used for client conversion. So always avoid hype to build a rapport and bond with your customer.