how to create a high-converting landing page

How to create effective landing pages to drive conversions

In this era online marketing has conquered the whole world where everything is done through this. The landing page has the power to convert the visitors into business leads. It is a standalone page where a consumer land on. The main goal of the landing page is to direct the customers arriving in landing page to the homepage.

Normal websites usually promote their whole services where the landing page focuses on a product they want the visitors to sign up and to buy. All your marketing goals can be obtained through a targeted audience. This can be reached through having an effective landing page. This could help a new product to enter the market. Landing page removes all the things like navigation, links etc that distracts the users while going through the site. A web design company knows well how to create an effective landing page.There are different landing page like lead generation landing page, Click-through landing page, squeeze page, sales page, viral landing pages, microsites, splash page.

Following the below steps may help in having an effective landing page

  1. Define your goals and target audience

  2. There are certain things to be defined before creating a landing page. Knowing the interests of the audience could help to create landing pages by giving priority to their needs.

  3. Focus on the headline

  4. When giving a headline in the landing page it must be precise enough to seek the attention of users on the service provided. The first thing users look at is the headline and then think of staying or not.

  5. Use captivating Copy

  6. A good copy should be precise and at the same time straightforward. Instead of spending more time in creating headlines, write a copy that engages the user in a few words. It's better to keep fewer paragraphs and more bullet points. Try to avoid filling the page with bulk information distracting the visitors.

  7. Add visual indicators

  8. It's not a good idea to keep the landing page short with just some paragraphs. So adding visual indicators will attract the eyes of the visitors to scroll down more. Visual indicators can be images, animations, or any shapes, buttons etc with contrast colors. The images can convey the information more easily to the audience and should be the way of knowing how they feel once the offer is received

  9. Remove navigation

  10. The one and only goal of creating a landing page is to convert the customers into business leads. So remove all other distractions that make the visitors away. Unnecessary links, site navigation and if any calls to action more than one can be removed from the landing page. A unique landing page is more effective.

  11. Social button for sharing

  12. These buttons are the links to the social media networks line facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest etc. where the landing page can be shared by the visitors. Thus it will spread within the contacts you have on these social platforms.

  13. Optimize the device

  14. Majority of people scroll on their smartphones. So optimizing the landing page in the device is essential and to keep responsive. People find it easy to browse on mobile devices.

  15. A responsive page

  16. Your landing page should be very responsive and user friendly, it should be high of viewing experience. You definitely don't want your form to disappear from mobile devices. Give all of your visitors the chance to convert, regardless of how they are accessing your page. A well and good responsive website will always attract the visitors.

  17. Maintain the text above the fold

  18. While maintaining the landing page it is important to put the important content on top of the page. Because you can keep clients attracted towards the website and also the people should get what they are looking for. In this area, include your CTA along with the strongest language and visuals you have to offer. Having said that, don't pack in too much here; you want it to be readable and pleasant to the eye.