How to create e-commerce website like lazada?

How To Create a Website Like Lazada?

Lazada is a South-East Asian e-commerce website that combines six countries, i.e.; Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. With a mere strength in Logistics, Technology, and Payment facilities, it is a leading platform with a virtual mall connecting the shoppers to almost 18000 international and local brands. Thus, it gives the best shopping experience to the people. Lazada earns a certain percentage of the profit from the sellers as commission for the service rendered. The seller or stores find it more convenient to sell their products through these websites rather than selling products through physical stores with paying a huge amount as rent. The only thing you need to do is to browse the site, select the items required, and make the payment.

If you are seeking a way to nourish your business, it could put into effect through online websites. Anything you need could reach your doorsteps with the evolution of e-commerce, especially for those discreet buyers. Instead of visiting hundreds of stores outside this is way too comfortable to buy all your favorites through a single online platform and get delivered at your doorstep. So today Websites play a significant role in the daily lives of every single person. As the dependence on websites has increased exponentially within the last few years the career opportunity in the Web Development Field has also increased at an aggressive rate.

How much does it cost?

You need to come up with a business plan as the first stage before creating a website like Lazada. The cost depends on the features and calculation of every aspect of a website. The cost will be less if you plan to build a simple website on your own. But the website developed with the help of a professional web development firm always meets all standards a website must have and the website looks much better as in its development all streams like UI/UX, backend development, website hosting will be done by excellent professionals with years of experience in it.

How To make a Website Like Lazada?

Best Ways To Create an E-Commerce Website

1. A Create a Website Yourself

If you are aware of plugins and themes then you can create a website on your own in a cost-efficient way. You need to select a domain name, hosting plan, and a good platform for creating a website first. With your knowledge and depending on some references, you can create an entrancing website yourself.

2. Hire a Developer To Create

It's a good choice to hire a developer like a freelancer for developing to create a website if you are not aware of plugins and codes. Many freelancers are available in various portals at certain charges demanded. You can find the best developer with experience and other features. You can also manage the website later on.

3. Approach a Web Development Company

This will be the best decision made if you want a magnificent E-Commerce website for your business. Approach an online website development company for assigning this duty to create your website. At a price agreed they will build a website as you are expecting your e-commerce website to be. The company has professional developers and other talented employees to join hands together which could lead to building the required website.

Steps in Creating the Website

Its easy to create a website like the Lazada clone app even if it is a task coming with a particular business idea and launching. Lazada came up with an excellent business plan for selling goods from their warehouses to the customers. A decade ago, creating a website required a lot of technical skills. But now this process is done easily. The website could be either created by yourself using proper guidance.

1. A domain name should be chosen to identify the website by your customer. Keep it simple for the people to remember. It is the URL seen when we browse the website. And select a hosting plan where the address and data of the website are stored.

2. Select the E-Commerce Platform. There are many platforms available to build the website.

3. Appropriate themes are to be selected and edit the website. Best themes make the website attractive enough to spend time on it. Templates must be simple but attractive enough to make the users stay on the website.

4. Upload photos, descriptions, and posts of the product.

5. Site Maintenance is to be done for the smooth functioning of the website. The website must be upgraded periodically.