Does Google Sites actually make a website?

Google Sites making website

Anyone can build simple websites effortlessly in google sites with a wide variety of website developement templates available. Google sites is a free website builder found within google workspace account and is very easy to use. You can create and host business as well as personal sites in google sites. It is a best choice if you are planning to create a simple and unique page to promote something and for local businesses with basic requirements. This site can include wide range of contents including text, images, videos, attachments and even integrate other google apps like Youtube, Google Map, forms etc. that let you add its contents.

There is no HTML or CSS coding required to work in google sites. Being a leading tool from Google for website creation, web development becomes effective even without coding experience or a web development company. So this is an easy and budget-friendly way to create a web presence online.

But creating website using google website builder may lack features compared to other website builders. Even though proper CMS is not available for creating e-commerce websites, you can create any kind of informational website.

Since the process is simple in google site, let’s dive into the steps that has to be followed while creating a website:

  1. Site creation:
  2. To get started, first you have to sign up in google account. After you sign up open the google site, open the homepage and select “start a new site” to start creating. It can be either started from scratch or can choose any template for best experience.

  3. Adding content to site:
  4. Contents can be added to the site after selecting suitable template. Contents to be added include images, texts, videos, icons and any other elements. There is drag-and-drop editor in the site which can be used for editing text, rearranging contents, adding new elements using the sidebar on the right. You can add button links and other links to your social media pages. When the link is added, the icon of the social site appear by default or you can add any image. Click plus(+)button seen on the site to add content.

  5. Organizing the site:
  6. Arrange site with adding pages and subpages. There is a “Pages” tab at the top of the screen. You can select new page icon to create a new page and if you wish to have multiple pages, click (+) plus icon to add subpages. Added pages appear in the side menu and you can customize those pages as well using same editor used for homepage.

  7. Customizing the site:
  8. There is a “theme” tab at the top where you can click the tab and customize the site according to you and your client preferences using appropriate theme available. You can make use of toolbar for changing colors, fonts, size and other elements in design. You can also collaborate the website with other people you prefer to view or edit.

  9. Publish your site:
  10. Google sites domain is added in the URL by default and custom domain name can be edited at the end of the URL. You can create custom domain and limit the access to website by clicking “Manage" button. Also there is option to exclude the website from appearing in search result pages. Click on “Publish” button to publish your completed site. The site becomes live for anyone to access with URL.

Google sites is a best option for simple websites, but it is not recommended for any business focusing on SEO for the business growth as there is no SEO settings available. Also complex website with advanced features should also find other builders like wordpress.