Cloudflare acquire web development startup Linc to expand strategy and it's benefits

Are you thinking, the only knowledge needed to become a web developer is programming? Then you are wrong. When you are owning a web development company or an enterprenuer, it’s become more essential to know all the basic concepts needed for an entire development. Here, let’s take a deep look on why cloudflare took a web development startup linc for expand strategy.

What is cloudflare and how it is used?

Before going into detail, let’s go into a short summary about the term cloudfare and its usage. Cloudfare is a powerful edge network services that protects against various types of threats like SQL injections, Ddos attack, malicious bots and other thefts. The only mission of cloudfare is to build and setup a fast internet services. According to today’s statistic, there found an overall range that 20 plus millions users server their internet properties through cloudfare and its reaching to thousands request each day. You might have found it difficult in older days to load a single page when request have been send. To overcome such difficulty cloudfare made possible to grab all the useful information as soon as possible. Cloudflare enable your websie to load fastly and give all necessary security measures that needed for a site.

Cloudflare today anounced that it has gained Bitgenics, better known as Linc to simplify web applications development. The arrival of Linc is to expand in the field of web application market. Multiple developers or multiple teams performing on a single development process will be a complicated task to reduce risk and to make the team collaboration simpler. Linc made work easier for frontend developers with Frontend Application Bundles(FABs). This approach made a pathway for building end-end applications to the pages.

Linc added a specification with frontend application bundles to give the best possible development solutions to review,build, refine and deploy the applications. What idea made into simpler? They craft single page applications(SPAs), server side rendering, unfiy static websites into a simplified single format that made universally compatible with other wide range of hosting providers. Madam Maddern has defined one of the biggest problem that faced by front end developer while in moving static to dynamic website.

Cloudflare brings a broad set of benefits to developers:

  • It helps to prevent force attack and hacking attempts

This helps to protect website from DDOS attack, SQL injection etc. it gives a secure feel to your website. In past days people are not interested to use because of many reasons. But today website security is guarantee through this.

  • Free CDN
  • CloudFlare is free CDN and can be easily integrated. CloudFlare cache static files like CSS, JS images and serves from near location. Site performance and quality can be increased more than half so it will load faster.

  • Saves server bandwidth
  • Many web hosting are offering unlimited bandwidth now. But some hosting like WP Engine which changes the bandwidth based on hits. Here CloudFlare filters out spam bot so can save lot on bandwidth. It also save from Email harvesting, provides free SSL etc.

  • No need to wait for Propagation at the time of host change
  • For cloudways hosting while you using CloudFlare, you don’t want to wait for DNS propagation. You need to change only IP address of the server from dashboard of CloudFlare. After that your Domain name will automatically start pointing to new host.

    Is cloudfare benefits for wordpress?

    If you are going to develop a website, you should build up with the best possible features. There are many questions about the platform for website platform. With all those mentioned benefits, you get a clear solutions to get cloudflare for your wordpress website. Hiring an experienced wordpress development company relays you a complete idea to configure cloudflare for a wordpress site. How you will configure cloudflare settings for wordpress?There is wordpress plugin to assist in cloudflare for wordpress. You need to install and activate it. After that you can install cloudflare in the dashboard and can optimize it. You can configure it for more security for page login. If you are using HTTPS, you can force cloudflare to do it.


    Are you looking for a help with a cloudflare? Let’s talk about your business and make a solution to find the best way forward.