Reasons why a custom web design is better than template

why a custom web design is better than template

Are you in need of a website to support your business?
Then before getting started there are certain factors you must consider. The very first thing you must decide is how the website is to be made. You can either choose a custom website where the website is created meeting all your requirements or else a website template can be used with pre-designed layout.

But you may think why to use a custom website with a huge budget while templates are available at a better cost.

Custom web design

In custom web design each part is designed by a web development company as per the clients needs. With the ideas and the contents based on their brand the website is designed with care. You could get a unique website created unlike the other companies using the template with similar elements. A highly efficient and experienced custom web design could help in optimized websites favoring google for ranking as each code is written to keep the value of the website. Any future changes for any design in the website can be done with the support of the custom designers. Many business owners choose custom design which is starting from the very basic step in development.


  • Working with professionals
  • Unique and customizable and branding
  • Helps in SEO


  • Expensive:
  • There needs to be much budget inorder to build the website.

  • Takes time:
  • As it is created from the very beginning a lot of time of minimum 3 months are required for the website.

Advantages of custom website

  1. Unique Requirements
  2. You can design your website with your idea and it will stand out from the crowd. Custom design will help your time from going back and forth from the redesigning of your website.

  3. Complex Features
  4. Custom website may also have many features like animations, hovering effects, quizzes etc. so while designing such activities there should be a way to include all these things in the website.

  5. Scalability Concerns
  6. A custom website can be edited any time according to the needs. Easy to get updated according to the changes.

  7. Custom sites can be made with your marketing goals in mind
  8. The objectives can be taken into account while creating a custom website, which can include features like organic SEO that is incorporated into the site's design. Utilizing a pre-built website template prevents you from genuinely doing that.

    Website Template

    It is better to use website templates if you are not interested in depending on others to build the website. It can be designed in a short period of time with less effort and low budget. When custom website design takes a minimum 3 months to build the website, template only takes a week.

    The main advantage of a website template is that it is not time consuming and can be obtained easily. Also you will get a lot of options in selecting it. You can build a website with a time limit. A person without any knowledge in this field will also get the same benefit. It is wiser to spend money on a website template if you are unsure of which web design would work best for your company's needs. For people who wish to make a website but do not know web programming, a website template is also a wonderful solution.

    Why custom web design over a template?

    The best thing about the custom website designs is that you can stand out from the rest of the competitors with the unique designs. Also it is best for a seo friendly website, which tends to range better. You can brand your business with the idea you have and can make the website designs more interactive. A content management system (CMS) has the added benefit of making it simpler for businesses to update their websites from anywhere. Every business has different needs and ideas so it is better to convey the idea through your own style and manner to attract the clients. One of the best things about a custom website is that you don't have to compromise your needs with the premade websites.