Online Web Design Trends To Avoid

Web Design Trends To Avoid

Nowadays We all know that all the companies have an expectation to uplift their websites in a well orderly manner effectively and efficiently and to make it uptodate.All the web developers in this field are following the most popular ongoing trend websites and pursuing the web design principles.

Almost all the business enterprises want their company goodwill to be high and to stand out from the competition, and to attract all the new customers. We know that some of the designs might be trendy but when it comes to the value , they have to be your websites.

Inorder to be unique and to be impeccable , you need to have Quality web designs in your website. The more uniqueness of the website the more intrigued its visitors will be.First what you got to know is who is capable for your company. Make sure to have well advanced skilled people to make your website even more colorful. And if you're not careful about who you hire to design your website, there is a chance to wind up the site alienating your customer, and that inturn will send your valued customer over to your competitors.

All the web designers should be outshining in each and every aspect also with the ongoing trends too. And if the designer becomes incompetent and incorporates the latest trends into the website, it will create problems as a whole.

For example, a website for an insurance agency with pages in bold colors and oversized typography in contrasting bright hues . Not every trend can be successfully incorporated into the website of every type of business – especially small-to-medium size businesses, which have the most to lose if their website flops.

Now we’ll have a look into some of the bad website design examples or some of the trends that have a negative impact on the website. And all these have a common factor , they will cause an aggravation for the user.So we have to make the flow of the business as smooth as you can and also make it error free to gently guide your visitor.

A bad website design is like a shop having a bad layout and everything gets distorted. Thi will in turn make the employees frustrated and make them mind to go elsewhere. Make sure to avoid some trends to keep your customer satisfied and stay with you lifetime.

Some of the trends to avoid in Web Design are:-

  1. Pop-Ups
  2. Auto-Play Videos
  3. The Flash Intro
  4. Stock Photos
  5. Bad Parallax Scrolling


Comparatively one of the worst web design faux pas and that is being continuously used today. We already know that Pop - Ups are actually used for grasping the attention of the visitor’s . but actually what they do is , they completely interrupt the visual look and the feel of the site. This will create an intrusion into the minds of user’s , and that's really distracting. In the future , this will create problems for your website and it will raise the bounce rate.

Auto-Play Videos

Over 70% of the online time is usually spent on our mobile devices . The User feels discomfort if the videos are getting auto played or the video plays unexpectedly on the site they visited. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t been online at work and visited a site that was not ‘work-related’ only to have a loud announcement echo around the office? We bet you avoided that site in the future, right?

The Flash Intro

Actually what you mean by Flash Intro is , it's a short animation that will only come up for a few minutes . And this comes up when you open a website. This was created by the web designers for the website to get expanded and to add some flair for a captive audience. But the thing is , the users are not captive. If the users are new to the website it will create a distortment for the users. Therefore it is always better to avoid this.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are actually not good for website design. Usually it is used in Blog’s , posts and whatnot. Try to avoid the stock photos from your website Well it is better to include some images that will include your work related items, some projects, and also you can add some images of your teammate to show your website more authentic feel for the website of your company. Also you can show some testimonials of customers, professional images of the business, case studies and whatnot. This will improve the goodwill of the company, build trust in the minds of the customers and also you can get potential customers too.

Bad Parallax Scrolling

It is actually a great technique when it is done right, but if it’s not done in the right way , it will create confusion in the minds of customers. Parallax web design causes websites to load slower due to the large file sizes necessary to provide vast amounts of content. This can cause a negative impact for the users because of the delay and hence it will lead the customers to leave the website before it shows the content.