Do people still need web designers?

Do we still need web designer

Today, more than half of the global population is actively using the internet for business purposes, especially searching and buying products and services. To capture this audience and grow your online business, a professional web designer can be a valuable asset. They can assess your existing website's appearance and functionality and determine if it's meeting your goals. If it's not, a web designer can create a custom web development plan to create a website that attracts new customers and drives conversions.

There are a lot of changes seen in the internet over the past decade. Back then options were less for customizing features and availability of free platforms and WordPress themes. The web designer created a website and managed future edits with tools like Photoshop managed hosting environments, and FTP uploading. And then the technology gets advanced. This made it easier to create websites using WordPress themes in self-hosting platforms like Bluehosts. Everything became advanced and easier to make websites without hiring a web designer. This benefits many small businesses by saving time and money while many web designers started losing their jobs.

So, do you think we still need web designers?

Even though several website builders are available, an efficient web designer is still in demand. Web designers are still needed for the below-mentioned reasons.

  1. Make your website stand out:

  2. It is easier for anyone to use template-based website builders to create a website. But there are high chances of having other websites doing similar themes. So, by hiring a skilled web designer your website can be customized with unique designs to stand out among the other websites. They consider the customer needs and customize the website, make changes, and can also add new design features to the website.

  3. To improve SEO rankings:

  4. Businesses compete with each other with their websites to get more clicks and conversions. These are earned by optimizing the website for Google or any other search engine. There is no use in having a visually attractive design if the website is not reachable to the users. Only a skilled web designer knows the criteria to be met on SEO and optimizes the website structure for the search engine.

  5. Helps in website maintenance and updates:

  6. There will be some maintenance issues faced often on the website. Having a web designer will help handling those issues and to have a smooth running of website. It is important to check if the website is maintained properly. Professionals have a well-structured plan to maintain and secure the website. So it is great to hire a web designer to regularly check, update, maintain and improve the website.

  7. Choosing the right theme:

  8. You choose and install a good theme for the website, but it will not always match your business. Also, you won't know how good a theme is and if there are any other issues with the structure and code that affect the SEO. An experienced web designer will have a clear knowledge on the color combination for the website that reaches the target audience. They could find other issues and solve them. They can choose the theme that suits them better based on their needs.

  9. Outdated design:

  10. Web design and development trends keep changing over time. Even a design made a few years before will be outdated with the evolution. So website design is to be updated frequently for businesses to keep up with the time. There are no benefits in holding the existing outdated features that affect the user experience. This is why you need a web designer. They apply the latest website design trends in the website apparently giving a new look.

  11. Save time and increase productivity:

  12. A lot of time will be wasted when you try to design yourself. Being a business owner you can invest the time spent on designing for your business activities while the web designer handling the website and design more efficiently. The time spent on looking for solutions can be saved by hiring a web designer.

These reasons show why we still need a web designer who shows professionalism on your side instead of designing the website yourself. There are several situations that only a web designer could handle. So it is the best option to keep a professional web designer for your website.