What can ChatGPT do?

What Is Chat GPT Used For

Chat GPT(Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer) has shaken the whole internet in recent months with AI generated content leading to a new phase of technology. With this technology is turning to a new advanced level with new AI tools emerging. There would be many competitors on board with many AI tools with various features in the future. Its not able to predict the impact in the future with chatgpt.

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot which is developed by Open AI. You could experience conversations with the chatbot as interacting with a human. This was mainly for customer service and now everyone uses this for different purposes. To get the blogs written, or any codes and to do more anyone can approach here. Even tasks like giving answers to any questions and kind of small tasks can be done. The main intention of Chat GPT is to give responses as if humans communicate. There is a chatbox where you type questions which you are waiting for the answer. It has a language model where it processes the data from websites, articles and other informative sources and remodel in its own language to generate.

GPT- 3 is the most popular version at the current time. As a next step Open AI has announced to have an upgrade very soon to Chat GPT- 4, a multimodal model. Then it will be capable of giving output in the form of video or image for the text given as input. It can generate responses in the way you want to communicate like poems, stories etc.

Chatgpt counts on NLP (natural language) also best for helping research works or for any specific tasks. It is very useful when you don't have time to write articles. Even the social media post ideas can be generated which can help you with the time. The main advantage of using chat gpt is that the time can be saved. Also it reduces manpower, all the business industries can use this, especially a web development company, where they get all their needs without much time consuming and less manpower. Anyone is free to use and alter it for any reason, including for profit. It's crucial to keep in mind that OpenAI does not provide any guarantee or support for GPT, and users are responsible for ensuring that their usage of the model complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Uses of Chatgpt

Chatgpt is very useful nowadays as it is an AI tool that has human language that generates high quality content. Chatgpt helps for personal assistance, content creation, customer services etc. it is an open source that developers or anyone can use for their own personal needs and can even develop their own websites or applications with chat gpt. Examples include:

  • Answering questions:
  • chat gpt gives you the answer for all your questions about current affairs, science, technology, etc. and it can be used for all informative functions.

  • Task completions:
  • chatgpt helps to complete the tasks like content writing, blog idea, coding doubts, etc. helps with summarizing text.

  • For conversations:
  • Chat GPT is helpful for chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service since it can hold natural language discussions on a range of subjects.

You can open a free account in openAI chat GPT website just by entering an email id. With receiving a confirmation code the registration process is complete. Once you get the results for which you have requested it could regenerate more until it's enough. Dark mode and night mode options are there to improve readability.

At present the basic version of Chat GPT is available for free with no word limits, but it's already about to introduce a premium version for $20 per month as Chat GPT plus.