Some of the reasons why its better to switch to Android

top 10 reasons to switch to android

Billions of android users are increasing year by year. But you will be perplexed to pick the best one. When the androids are being launched at one side the iphone also controls the market. Even the iphone influence many users they also have some missed features especially when it comes to the charging. For android the best is when meeting all the convenient features of google, pocket sized, camera with a perfect quality and a budget friendly phone.

These days androids are being supported to get switched from iphone without any issues on transferring the datas that are essential. Set up instructions are provided for transferring datas to your new android phone. Instructions are provided in the simplest way for the users. You can connect the android from the iphone using iphone cables. Else you can wirelessly connect to the android. These steps helps you in transferring the contacts, images, calenders and other details to the new phone without any difficulties.

It will be a good call to know all of the main features before starting to use your new android phone. These are the top 10 reasons to switch to android

  1. Find the new way by expressing yourself:
  2. The Messages app and Gboard will be so great for communicating with your friends by using Android, and they may be having both easy user interfaces with the assistance of these apps. RCS is one of the popular way for group communication, which will be enabling the users to view the high-quality images or the pictures and videos, which can view with receipts, and respond with the emojis.There are so many different emoji stickers that can be utilised while communicating different emotions, so that can also help your iPhone friends by being able to receive your texts even if you are switching to a new phone.

  3. Chat visually through video calls:
  4. With the assistance of the apps like Google Meet on their own Google accounts. Everyone can keep in touch with their dear ones through video meetings or video calls with the help of google meet. It is ok if you have the preference for the FaceTime, you may still use it using Chrome's most recent release. Android, video chatting with friends and family will be easy and simple for those who havehe users can may also make use of the chatting for free with anyone they like in the world using Google Play apps like WhatsApp, snapchat, instagram etc. With the different options available on Android, staying connected with the people that mean to you most is simple.

  5. Get update on your favorite music:
  6. Your recommendations and preferences on your favorites will be available on android. You don’t need to worry about the music on your previous iphone. Those can be transferred to your new android phone if it was previously purchased and downloaded music on your old iphone.

  7. Access to your favourite apps:
  8. The apps you want to use are found in google play, where you can access to the apps which you were already using in your old iphone. Wide variety of apps are available for all purposes.

  9. A privacy-first approach:
  10. Android protects your phone from all kinds of malwares, phishing, bad apps and other threats. Your datas are kept private and secured in android. They give recommendations promptly on alert in choosing location while opening the app.

  11. More devices that work better together:
  12. Most probably some of the ios products like AirPods, continue to function with Android devices. Thus you can try to choose from different varieties of products like on Chromebooks, Wear OS wearables, Google TV products, and Fast Pair supported headphones, including Pixel Buds, which will be functioning better with users mobile phone.

  13. Google applications and services:
  14. Are you guys on a holiday trip but unable to interpret the local labels? To swiftly reach the location which you intend to go, scan the text or the notes for an instant translation. This will ease your journey and will also help you to reach the destination fastly. You may be working on your laptop, however you will have to finish editing a Google document immediately. Users may find the android phone which acts as simple as well. Google offer its assistance which will make your work easy, and Android phones comes as an example for the best product developed by Google.

  15. Share music, photos and more across devices:
  16. There is an option to share music, photos and other files from android to non-Android devices. The contents can be shared with other users not using the android phones. This makes it easy to connect with all devices. The photos, videos and other files shared can be arranged in memory bank for further uses.

  17. Android widgets with customized home screen:
  18. In your homescreen widgets helps you in placing your important apps that you want to use more frequently. It will be updated to more widgets of around 35 on android. This will makes the users easily access to those frequently used apps like google maps to check the real-time traffic or to get translation by detecting the audio to create a strong communication with everyone.

  19. Technologies for everyone:
  20. Accessible features and products are created to increase user comfort and work according to user needs, allowing users to fully enjoy the environment. Almost all technological functions are available on Android when and how the users need them, whether the user interested to make use of TalkBack in their smartphone without or Live Transcribe to get written sentences by detecting the voice message.