Best tools a java developer should know in 2023

Tools Java Developers Should Learn in 2023

Who is a Java Developer?

Before knowing the tools of Java, you need to know, who is a Java Developer.A Java Developer is actually a software developer , who makes use of the Java Programming language for the computer applications, for the webs development , the needs of the client also will be done by the Java developer. A Java developer will be acting as a whole, like they will be involved in designing part, developing area, and the last one is maintaining the Java programs.Majority of the developers will be well developed with the java programming language.Mainly java programming is widely used in well-known companies, established enterprises.

What should a Java developer know?

What a java developer should learn is very important.A java developer should know all the core skills of java. He should know all the workings in the front -end and the backend and the java programming language.

  1. Git
  2. Git is the most popular and most essential tool that is used by the java developers.Git is a version control system used for tracking changes in computer files All the developers should know the concepts of Git and they have to master the Git concepts like merging, branching and making certain changes.You cannot avoid Git in any way. It has now become a standard code repository. The best Github for a beginner to start with is : GitHub Ultimate Course.You have to learn in depth of it, to further improve your skills and knowledge. Web development company uses github for developing websites, apps and softwares.

  3. Docker
  4. Docker is one of the most common tools which easily join up the application from the components and work collaboratively. While working in a web application, for example the developing , deploying for the cloud , then we need a tool like docker. It is really helpful and essential.Docker is actually a tool which is designed to make the work easier and to run the application by the use of the containers.This is very useful for managing the containers of apps to a single group and also grouping these applications for optimizing the resources and to provide high availability.

  5. Maven
  6. Another most common tool for beginners is called Maven. This tool is quite common for all and this will help you to manage and to build the Java projects.As we mentioned it's a very common tool which is used in many of the projects. Maven is a popular open-source build tool that the Apache Group developed for building, publishing, and deploying several projects.It you are familiar with Java applications, then you should already know Maven. If you are a fresher, or say for example you're a java developer within 1 to 2 yrs of experience, you will be adept in this tool.

  7. JIRA
  8. The JIRA is one of the tools which is to track the progress of the projects, to track the issues, and manage the projects is termed as Jira. If you're following the Agile development process, like the Scrum, Sprint then you also need to know Jira. Actually it is used for tracking the bugs, tracking issues and managing the projects.

  9. Jenkins
  10. Jenkins is another main open source automation tool that actually provides plugins to support the automated java application development projects , to support the building and deployment.This is one of the major tools that any java developers should know. Itis actually a self -contained java program , that goes on windows, Mac OS X, and some of the other unix-like operating systems.

  11. Spring Framework
  12. Spring Framework is actually known to be the king of the Java stack. This cannot be avoided and also it's not an option.This is the essential skill that any java developers should know. If you're not so adept in this skill you don't have to worry about it. You still have enough time to learn spring, and if you want any resources for any help, you can always go for Spring 5.0 :Beginner to Guru.

  13. AWS
  14. Aws which is also known as Amazon Web Services is a cloud provider that has been owned by Amazon.They mainly focus on providing services to customers. It says over 170 services they provide to the customers.In simple terms we can say that Aws is a database management system where you can store the datas.Not only storing data but also deploying applications, source control systems, message services etc. The main advantage of storing your data into Aws is that it is cost benefit, reliable, secure, the performance is high etc. Also it is very convenient to use.