Enhancements in Google Workspace aimed at assisting independent business owners

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In recent years, there has been a pretty increase in people starting a business alone. So for those people, google workspace individuals have been introduced to help in growing the business of these people. Now the customers could focus on doing their favorite things like interacting with the clients etc.

Customer's value has always been considered while enhancing any features and here comes the next feature of electronic signatures right within Google Docs.

Sign documents easily by using google blogs

E-Signature in google blogs can execute agreements with interfaces in google docs without switching apps or tabs. For planners and digital creators, this option is going to be a task charger. While doing work they can easily access these functions without jumping from one tab to another or to another app. eSignature also has an advantage that helps you to secure your information and they guarantee privacy. This is how google docs create its agreement.

  • Collaborate in documents
  • Use comments and suggestions which collaborate to change straight through google blogs. So there is no need to save a draft or export the file. It can be easily accessible.

  • Add fields to documents:
  • Now you can easily drag and drop signatures and data in the documents you create.

  • Request a signature:
  • Requesting a signature is now easy as sharing a file to drive. If you solve all suggestions and comments then it is easy to drag the signature into it.

  • Add signatures:
  • The add signature option is now very easy. No need to download it anymore, it's more like ready to sign. And after signing the pdf is directly mailed to both of the parties.

  • Monitor and track progress:
  • After sending to the respective parties you can fastly see the status of the pending mails.

  • Create copies of contracts:
  • If the need for signature is increasing you can use this function to create copies of existing emails and modify them before sending.

Updates on email marketing for engaging campaigns

It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small business, connecting with the customers is an important aspect of the business. So one of this new features of google workspace to support solo business owners helps in scheduled consultations and in sending communications like newsletters every month. To do email campaigns in Gmail directly they implemented a method that could help the entire customers. As a first step templates that are designed in a professional way were given. This way anyone could create branding and images in their own way. Also to make the usage more convenient, a multi-send feature was added which will allow sending a single email to multiple recipients at the beginning of this year. Each of the recipients will have an unsubscribe link. Now with these available feature upgrades, it's easier to communicate according to your wish. It is because messages are delivered to each user by creating multiple lists of mailing emails within the google contacts. These days multi-send and Gmail layouts are most commonly available in Google Workspace Individual.

Updates of appointment scheduling for faster bookings

We all have a habit of forgetting our meetings (especially virtual meetings), work schedules, etc. As a solution for that google has introduced a new calendar for noting important meetings etc. it schedules meeting appointments without much time delay like back and forth talking. It is useful for everyone using it.

  • Customizing the timing for the reminder mail, verifying the mail with the user, and then adding it to the secured format.
  • Having so many advantages like excluding a lot of unnecessary meetings, scheduling it according to your timing, flexible time gap, and limiting the meeting per day.
  • Customize according to your will and wish. Can exclude public holidays etc before pre-booking.

Updates on google meet for your customer and partner video calls

Here is a new upgrade in which you can connect and deepen your partner or customer relationship through video calls. This creates an easy way to conduct their meetings in a secure way. Also, it makes sure about visibility and audio quality. Noise cancellation mode can be adjusted to avoid unnecessary sounds in the background.

This feature benefits several fields like web development companies, or any other businesses by with their best audible calls done for meetings. These are some major updates to google meet made in the previous year.
  • Added some immersive backgrounds to take calls with cafes and condos as the backdrops that are animated.
  • You can review the meeting forecast in Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • Filter out the echoes to increase the audio quality.