New cross device features in google

new cross device features in google to understand customers better

Google analytics introduced new cross device abilities. The analytics help you to go through the journey of customers, the way they interact with your website, will help you analyze the marketing and results of campaigns you have done. Thus, will give you the overall impact of your website and results of the products you manage. A better feature for you to understand and improve your business and website better.

Constructing a more complete picture

Analytics report on how customers visit your website, multiple visits they have done, the length they visited etc. It helps you to conclude whether they have visited your website through mobile devices or desktop or through both devices. This makes you understand the heat area of the website where you have to improve and interact with broader customer experience. You can be more informed about marketing and products. Therefore this new cross feature in Analytics is to understand the customers better.

Suppose you are a web development agency, people come visit your website and just your past works and then they decide whether you can make their website perfectly. Based on the insight of the website they can conclude whether they have done your past website perfectly and can you make their website more perfectly.

Reach out the right customers

Now, using analytics you can create a smarter audience by considering the actions on different devices by the people. This will help you in delivering relevant and useful experiences.

Suppose you may be a retailer and you decide how to share any special promotion to customers who are loyal towards you. Even if your customers buy through a single device or in both mobile and desktop, each one is valuable for you as a customer buying the same quantity. Both groups spend the same amount and effort to purchase. Analytics now understands that these two groups of customers actually spent the same amount on your website, helping you create a more accurate audience list to reach the right customers. And spend isn’t the only way to segment and build audiences. Remarketing campaigns can be done to reach audiences based on the numer of times they visit your website through multiple devices.

Get started

Start the device features by visiting the admin section of your account and by choosing settings afterwards activate google signals. The main feature is that you don't need the help of a developer for additional assistance. The bigger advantage is that you can witness your growth and development along with the knowledge of understanding your customer, making your business more relevant and useful. By understanding the time limit your customer took on the website will help in providing you information regarding how informative your website is along with whether the customers are impressed and turn it into an enquiry.