Google's new pixel portfolio of products and know more about it

Google Introduces new Pixel portfolio of products

For the first time google is introducing a clear portfolio of their pixel products the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and the very first Google Pixel Watch. Each device of pixel is now designed to carry a personal agility which could divert all those problems into a great experience. This came into effect with the support of artificial intelligence, foundational technologies, Android and Google.

Currently these are the features that we are working on: Delivering well designed pixel phones, earbuds, watches that work for your needs and always assist what you expect from google. We have a view that pixel not only just gives you a phone experience but its user friendly, personal, cohesive experience in computing, intelligence and whatnot.

New Google products

It is sponsored by the second-generation Google Tensor G2, a processor that makes it possible to bring Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning to the phone directly. This new pixel phone has excellent performance and features for photography. The photos and videos could be taken with cinema quality. Other features

Include Pixel call assist providing fast and precise, accurate voice assistance with Live Translate and Assistant voice typing.

Pixel 7 is made to know you and the surroundings with personalized intelligence. Google’s best phone with advanced features and is powerful bringing performance and a telephoto lens which is upgraded. This will give a great zoom experience for the users.

Google introduces the first smartwatch, Google Pixel Watch which will provide the best of google and fitbit. This is an ideal match for all pixel phones. Pixel watch comes with several beautiful features and a durable 3-D coverglass that is custom-developed. It is resistant to scratch and is introduced in three different stainless steel available in black, silver and gold which is inspired by jewelry. They offers several different watch bands such as active, metal and leather, stretch and woven in addition to the watch faces that could be customized and personalized user interface.

Back in the days of this year, we worked out a plan to make an Android tablet which was powered by the Custom Tensor G2 processor, And now we shared more on our vision for making the Pixel Tablet which is the most helpful tablet whether you're at home or on the go ? We’re taking all years of what we learned from making the products for the home and Pixel and for combining the experience into a device.Pixel Tablet is the pair with a charging Speaker dock which is to keep our device to be fully charged.

The Pixel Tablet pair offers a terrific audio experience, when bringing some of the features from smart display to your tablet.

It is designed to seamlessly integrate from an at home display to the concern tablet.

You can take it anywhere- by making this as one of the most versatile tablets that will help you to easily adapt.We'll share more details when it get launched this year

From their design to the high-tech features, these latest products embody the best of Google. You can learn more about them and pre-order the new Pixel phones and the new Google Pixel Watch in the Google Store, or from our partners around the world. In fact, we're expanding the availability of Pixel phones to more places, including Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden for the first time. Google now has a comprehensive portfolio of devices and services, for your home and for on the go, and we hope you’ll love this latest generation of products.