Blu-ray not only here to stay but to dominate

In past decades, many studios have increased the use of DVD for watching the movies as DVD were the major hit in the market. The release of blu-ray made DVD demand decreased with its capabilities in different aspects. Some people are trying to make their website on DVD/CD so they can distribute to people who dont have internet access. That is bit tough and DVD usage are decreased so far today. for Does Blu-ray technology still stand today? Ever thought of blu-ray demand in the market? Blu-ray is a next-generation optimal disc format that looks same as CD and DVD, and they designed to display a high clarity video. Why blu-ray take one step forward than that of CD and DVD? Blu-ray has developed for storing a large amount of data and enough for recording a high-definition video. A single-sided blu-ray can take over 25 GB of data while dual-layer discs can take over 50GB of data. In short, we can mention, blu-ray as the next-in-line to DVD. It was developed collectively for the number of manufacturers like Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sony and much more. So, instead of having both DVDs and CDS, you can have one player called blu-ray, which makeover all the limitations exist.

Why do we say Blu-ray is not only here to stay but to dominate? Blu-ray still surviving because of the advance growth of the HDTVs. Blu-ray market as an emerging future in the market. Some industry experts consider blu-ray as the “Trojan Horse of connectivity” because of its growing, evolving and settling worldwide. It can stream from Netflix to well popularised Amazon Prime to Apple, which made them popular among the film lovers and made them engaging in online services. Blu-rays can hold a large amount of information to read and write because of the blue-violet laser embedded in it. The blue-violet laser is the laser used within that have shortened wavelength other than CDs and DVDs, which make it possible to pack more amount of data on a disc. Is an internet connection required to play blu-ray movies? There is no use of internet connection to playback movies, but there needs an internet connection when we want to download extra features, watching movie trailers.

Has blu-ray covered more benefit than that of HD-DVD? Blu-ray concept is something different from the concept of HD-DVD. One of the main benefits is when capacity has taken into consideration. Blu-ray will hold 25GB per layer while HD-DVD will hold 15GB per layer. Since, capacity and data transfer rate are high, which allow the users to download movies with the high quality other than HD-DVD format. Hardware support is yet another thing that makes them different. Blu-ray has a huge number of supporters in the market like Sony, Parsonic, Samsung, pioneer, Apple, etc. but for HD-DVD has a current supporter like Toshiba, NEC.

Existence of 4k Blu-ray

The demand for the 4k blu-ray is high due to the delivery of high-quality video. 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution makes the movie more intresting with graphics, but it needs a 4K UHD TV for better results. So, 4K blu-ray typically available currently in films and produce a video with a high dynamic range. High dynamic rate means it provides higher brightness, contrast rate, etc. Most of the blu-rays can hold upto 25GB, 50GB but 4k will keep upto 66GB or 100 GB. Netflix, Amazon also offers 4k streaming.

Key features Blu-ray includes:

  1. High storage capacity
  2. High-quality video support
  3. Produce a high-quality sound effect
  4. High data transfer rate
  5. Ability to record one program while watching other programs
  6. Ability to record high-quality television without any data loss
  7. Content protection
  8. Cost

Blu-ray disc applications

  1. High definition television (HDTV) recording
  2. Digital video recording
  3. Mass data storage
  4. High definition camcorder archiving
  5. Play station3