Make google shopping easier with these 9 new features and tools

9 new features and tools to make google shopping easier

Apart from buying something, shopping means a lot to people having a great experience and pleasure in satisfying their needs. They do a lot of research, tracking the alternative options and moving with the new trends. Moreover, they don’t forget to ensure that the product is worth buying. Google notified their new features to make shopping on google easier at the search on events conducted. They point out the best unique experience the users will have.

These are the new features and tools introduced:

New online shopping options

  1. The word “shop” in search:
  2. This is a new method for getting a better shopping experience. And one of the features and tools to make google shopping easier.a> In the U.S you can reach any item you wish by searching anything with the word shop. All the things related to it can be accessed like product details, research tools, or any inventory related to product that are available nearby. Shoppable search experience is expanded for any categories like from electronics to beauty — and many other areas on mobile. It may also come to the desktop in the future.

  3. Shop the look:
  4. When we search for an outfit to shop a new feature called shop appears. This helps to shop your perfect whole outfit. If you are looking for any particular dress then you may also get to see a whole outfit with the item you order. There is a tool available to see the images of the product with its matching pieces. So you could find it easy to To select appropriate dresses that suit well and to buy them. These whole whole things could be done within the search.

  5. Trending now feature:
  6. This is another feature available now while doing search. Search shows the most popular and currently trending products available in categories. You can discover new trends, any brands, products etc.

  7. 3D shopping :
  8. Half of the people stick in 3D images. Considering that google made some 3D visuals of home goods from search. There will be more 3D images coming in the future. But it may take more time and may be expensive to create these. So there is a new method found to make this process efficient in an affordable price. As a result of progress in machine language many photos are used to automate 360 degree spins of sneakers.

    Tools to shop confidently

  9. Get help with complex purchases:
  10. Some purchases may be complex as you will look upon many factors before going to purchase. These confusions could be solved with this new buying guide feature that helps in giving insights on a category from any source that can be trusted. You would get more informations like size, weight, materiels or any other details of the product you want to buy. This makes your decisions easier.

  11. See what other shoppers think:
  12. Page insights will help you even more reason to shop with confidence and provide different varieties of trends. The main advantage includes finding pros and cons, star ratings on the product you are shopping and with all examples and reviews. To find the best deal, you can easily opt in to get price drop updates eventually. Page insights will launch in the U.S. in recent days.

  13. Get personalized results:
  14. Here you will have the right to access your results and personalize it according to your need and also have the option to turn off the personalized preferences directly. Here’s how it works: When you have the idea to shop on Google, just make your selections once, then your preferred department and brands will be stored in the future. So if you select the department and a brand, next time you’re shopping for something similar to that, they will show you similar products from the same brand or different brands but similar items. And if you turned off the personalized preferences at any point and your preferences changed you can do that easily by clicking the three dots. Shopping personalization will roll out in the U.S. later this year.

  15. Shop your way with new filters:
  16. Currently there are more updates in shopping and fashion. Your whole page has filters on Search which are dynamic and adapt based on Search trends. So if you’re shopping for t-shirts, you might see filters for “off-shoulders” and “oversized” because those are the trending styles right now — but those may change depending on what’s new in trending. Dynamic filters are now available in the U.S., Japan and India, and will come to more countries in the future.

  17. everything in your imagination is beyond the Search box:
  18. You might have noticed that once you have searched anything or done any shopping, afterwards it can be found on your profile, searches notification everywhere. You are fond of fashion , vintage look etc and check the recent looks, based on that you see the suggested styles based on what you've been shopping for, and what others have looked for to.Check you kind of style or what you want for shopping and experience these things more easier using this updated version of google shopping. This makes your shopping experience easier and fun. So, you can witness a lot of styles and because of that, varieties of options are in front of you and endup in buying more than you thought and end up having a lot more fashionable stuff. These tools can help you find what you want more quickly and will discover the next thing you would wish for.