Most Favorite and useful 5 Android Widget Features

5 favorite android widget features

Widgets are small gadgets that appears on the homescreen. It makes the usage very easy and are found accessible. Widgets can be customized according to the preference even if it is a photo. Apart from some widgets like music or clock widget, there are many other types like hybrid, information or collection widgets. Android supports in developing our own widgets. You can collect the information from the home screen itself without opening the app. Total widgets of 35 are there in android including the google map widget to be launched.

  1. A single tap to check the real-time traffic
  2. You can check the traffic at anywhere nearby your location with just a tap. If you are about to go somewhere traffic predictions provided by google map can show the traffic with the intencity and lead you the best route avoiding the traffic.

    To make it easier a new widget for traffic is introduced where you can see the local traffics around you through the android home screen. As it is tappable for the android widgets, you can zoom in and out the map even without opening the app. This is one of the 5 favorite android widget features available.

  3. Archiving the emails
  4. The better option to archive the email abruptly is to use the gmail widget. With the help of gmail widget the gmail users can easily sort or arrange their inbox without any timelag. It is the most easiest way to keep your mails organized. You can archive the email from the inbox itself within a single tap even without opening the Gmail application.

  5. Look over your task list
  6. Every users wish to keep a widget’s scrollable to-do list for easy use. In this way it will be more accessible for you to keep track of your daily duties in a simple way. Also the users can fulfill them by marking them off. The easiest and quickest way to see everything you achieved is that the better option to scrolling back up. By just scrolling through the widget, it is possible to completey check the to-do list.

  7. Choosing favorite translations
  8. One of the most popular scrolling functionality which will assist the users to keep organized is known as the google translate widget. The words will be appearing on the users home screen whenever it is required for them, whether they are speaking with their loved ones or they are travelling. To make sure, the users translations will be showing up on the widget, thus you can simply mark them as your favorites in the programme so that you can easily view your favourite apps right on the widget.

  9. Adapting widget sizes
  10. If you are utilising Android widgets, changing the texture of the homescreen won't be a problem. We can see that with its aid, you can quickly alter the size and even the shape of Android widgets to assist you in decluttering your home screen while preserving vital features or capabilities. For instance, if you reduce the size of the Drive widget, a toolbar will appear, making it simple for you to quickly search for the files.