How to make creative reels on instagram

Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels

Reel it, share it!

Well, you would be aware of instagram as it's been a trending social platform for a few years now. Their new feature of instagram reels has hit the top even if it was claimed as the one that resembles the Tik Tok. Now reels have reached a higher level of success by entertaining the people all around.Reels have influenced in different ways for many people from teenagers to professionals. A lot of them are there in instagram creating reels with excellent contents. This entertains people as well as some reels spread awareness which makes people obsessed with it. You will get to know all about it from here.

Instagram gives the option to either upload the videos from the gallery which is kept edited or to take the video on spot. Several vibrant effects are available here while taking the video making it attractive. Users search the effect and apply it while taking videos. Also transitions, time lapse, slow motion and many other options are available here which makes a best platform to create a reel. When comes to the audio if you are not using the original audio then there are many audios to add for the video. Along with the edit option and these features it is possible to create a perfect reels. Many web development companies use this feature to promote their company and use it in marketing business

You can post your reels as private if you wish to keep them in a closed circle. Else you can share it with everyone if you keep your profile public. The audience could catch it up in the explore tab or reel tab. As per the instagram algorithm on reels it works as it suggest you the reels based on the accounts you follow, the location and the contents you like to watch.

This reels platform has a great impact for many business people in their businesses to grow. This provide them a great opportunity to promote.

Some of the new updates in instagram

  • Time of Posting Reels
  • Instagram does give some very useful updates like the best time to post on instagram. While this topic has various opinions because the time differs from every person. The social media engagements for each one is different as the time they spend can be varied. So for some it will be morning and for others it may be night or afternoon. Therefore, instagram introduced a feature for public accounts for understanding the best time you can post.Instagram Insights the settings can be viewed in your professional dashboard – Take eye on Instagram insights, first check your account insights by hours. Do AB Test – When nothing works, then try AB testing. For example, post reels on different times of the day like 3:00pm, 5:00pm, etc.

    Achievements to get through instagram reels

    This update seems very useful and attractive to instagram influencers and to those who wish to be an influencer. Mainly there are 3 achievements currently that includes:

    • Creative streak:
    • Keeping the influencers in a systematic mode where they will post more than a reel in a week.

    • Group Profile:
    • Now your profile can be shared with anyone you want just like facebook groups. They will turn out to be a member who could post as well.

    • Not interested multiselect:
    • If your explorer is filled with videos you are not interested then you can multiselect the videos and choose the not interested button. This helps you to skip those uninterested videos. They will turn out to be a member who could post as well.

    • Trendspotter:
    • There are more and more trending reels and music in instagram make you use it for greater achievements.

    • Collaborator:
    • Doing collabs with another creator, this feature also got many attractive updates, like remixes, stickers etc.

    Gift on instagram

    Instagrams announces the most attractive feature, gifts through instagram. This option comes with reels. The purpose is to earn money from the followers. A select few creators in the US will be the first to have access to this option, and those who qualify will have the option to enable getting stars in their Professional dashboard. By purchasing Instagram Stars, users can offer gifts to one another. There will be more in the near future.

    Schedule post and reels

    It's happy news for our influencers and for content creators. Instagram brings in a very logical and helpful update in instagram the post and reels can be scheduled according to the reliable date and time. You can find this option in advanced settings. Under the new Scheduled Content section, users will be able to control or view forthcoming scheduled posts. Also the users can reschedule.

    60 second story update

    We all find it difficult to put our favorite videos in instagram stories due to the time limit. There will be a cut in videos after 15 seconds while updating. Now that problem is solved by updating the story version to put videos up to 60 seconds without any cut in between. This feature is undoubtedly very helpful; your Story clip will play back more smoothly and you can incorporate all the user mentions, tags, places, links, etc. in one larger Story instead of having to repeat the procedure every 15 seconds, great!

    Reels are going on as a trend sector in everyone's life. Reels maybe an addiction to some and maybe an entertainment to others and now it's a method of making money also. Reels are a great part for increasing followers for your own exposure. There are many algorithms defined by instagram for reel updates. Mainly 3 categories

    1. One for the posts like or engaged by you. Like the type of posts you like for you to go through. Likewise instagram is likely to show the related type of post in your feeds.
    2. Next is the pages you liked or commented on before. As per the post of accounts you liked or commented have the chances to be seen in your again.
    3. Instagram also proposed a new method where it will alert an option whether your post is relevant for you or not. Also it goes through the number of times you scrolled the app and they prioritize accordingly.

    Reels get maximum reach if you make it more interesting, entertaining and useful. Instagram also goes for the update where it introduces more features and filters for reels. It has many options like giving many filters according to your convenience. Also the editing becomes easy in instragram reel option using trim option, reorder , add clips etc will give to the opportunity to edit in instagram and post the reel directly, not only in instagram but also can share the stories and posts directly to facebook. The reel video can be from 15 seconds to 90 seconds. You can find music or audio options where you can select apt music for your video.