Get some tricks to increase YouTube views & subscribers

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YouTube, the second most used search engine in the world and mainly used to promote, entertain, and engage the audience. Are you seeking how to increase YouTube views and reach out to the potential subscribers of YouTube? Yes! YouTube is an online video sharing platform and considered as the most powerful social media marketing tool. To reach the targeted audience, first, have to increase the number of views for the published videos. YouTube is yet a free platform offered by Google for video sharing, video blogging, and video marketing. The article shares with you the best tips and tricks to overcome the YouTube views and subscribers.

Create a playlist

Creating a playlist can increase YouTube video views. By creating a playlist, it engages the visitors to stay on with more videos. A playlist can be created based on specific themes, and thus, it helps to discover your brand and targeted audience. A playlist can display any YouTube video channels. It helps to increase your playtime and would result in appearing in the search result. In the YouTube channel, you can add a new playlist also.

Optimize Metadata

The Metadata includes all the information related to meta title, meta Description, and meta tags related to the video you are watching. When optimizing meta description in a perfect way, it helps the audience to know more about video than that of watching the video. With the meta title, viewers can understand what a particular video is about. Having a catchy meta description, the audience stays on the video for some longer time and also includes subscription links to your channel page. Bulletins are yet another way to get communicated with the other you tubers. With the bulletins, helps your YouTube subscribers where you are going to upload the next video.

Concentrate on Quality

You can create your video more quality with proper content that attracts subscribers. The Youtube algorithm will reward your video in a better search position. Try to create your video 100 percent qualitative with the best technical topics.

Reply to comments

Most of us will not reply to comments, but try to comment on maximum comments. It will increase viewers to watch your video. Maybe there will be suggestions also you can use it for the future.

Using Annotations

Annotations are the notes on your video, will increase your audience by making

  1. Call to action
  2. Spotlight annotation
  3. Link to other videos

Give theme to your channel

Before doing your videos, give a theme to your channel, because sticking to one topic or theme. Whenever you fixed a theme and started to post videos, users will continually watch and learn something about your topic and watch a video of your channel whenever you post a video.