Does google analytics matter for your website

Why do google analytics matter

Analytics does matter because it works. The most popular analytics software for analysis is google analyst. Google analytics is important for every website to know about the visitors length, heat area of your website etc. It is the best tool used to analyze a website and its traffic. It gives a detailed view of the visitors and their purpose like why they approach the site and what they are searching for. It even shows how they reach the site. Using google analytics will help you to find the area to be improved, the area that attracts clients, everything can be analyzed using google analytics. Also finding the area to be improved and the area that is most attractive, the drawbacks of our sites, the speed of our site etc can be understood. It is very important to know about each and every detail of your website to make it better.

After a new website being launched google analytics is the very next step done to track the moves in it. You need to install Google analytics and add website in property. After these critrias website is linked with google analytics which makes the tracking easy.

In simple words google analytics helps in

  • Finding where the visitors are from.
  • Tracking down how the visitors reach the website. So there appear a chance to identify which of the work done gives the impact on the visit through either directly or by any referral links like facebook, instagram.
  • Finding the browser used by the visitor.
  • Identifying the keywords that are used by the visitors to reach the website. To improve SEO identifying the right keyword used by visitor is essential to know.

If you really want to improve your business and prompt it online then this is a must have tool to lead you in the right path. Web design agency use this as primary step to know their audience.

Some of the best reasons to have google analytics?

  • Automatic data collection: The only thing you have to do is just setup your google account and copy paste a small code to your site. This will allow google analytics to monitor our site and make the reports. And accessing that report is easy, and will make it easy for us to go through and correct things on our site without delay.
  • Visit length and bouncing rate: bounce rate is something that is negative for our site. Bounce rate is assumed as the shortest time a user visited your site without spending much time or just visited a page. This happens when a visitor comes to your site and doesn't find anything they are looking for or not being convinced by the site. A high bounce rate negatively affects the site so it is important to find an immediate solution. The reasons for bounce rate may be that maybe the landing page is not good or the website is not optimized accordingly. So the detailed report from google analytics will help you overcome this issue.
  • Checking the achieved goals: analytics will help you to understand the progression of the website and the business. If a brand-new visitor to your landing page fills out the required information, including their email address. He just accomplished an objective you set. As a result of this information, a visitor to your website just becomes a client, enhancing the success of your company.