Removal of Date from Search Results (Date Exclusion SEO)

In order to find the latest updates Google search results show the date of the resent post in the Meta description of the webpage. There are certain websites which post evergreen contents such as reviews, how to guide, and tutorials do not need to display the dates because the page content do not change along with the time. Therefore it is necessary for them to remove the dates which has been along the Meta description.

But there are certain websites in which these dates are very much necessary such as in the websites such as news update websites, current affairs because the readers could easily track the latest articles. It will better if the dates shown are removed because the presence of dates will tend to click on the articles posted recently in the search engine page results. It will essentially tend to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) in the resulting search engine page. Therefore our site will not be felt as old else will be added to the basket as new one instead. There is so many customizations for several requirements in the field of wordpress development.

To remove the date tag there are mainly two ways. One is by utilizing the service of Date Exclusion plug-in for those who don’t want to tie up with the coding theme. This Date Exclusion SEO plugin helps to hide the date on the blog posts. The Date Exclusion method two is for the ones who are brave enough to play with the codes. The wordpress plugins can be downloaded from