Is schema the future for SEO?

Schema is defined as a code that helps your website get ranking in search engine gives the best result for users. The semantic tags can be added to HTML for improving the search engine result. You know that SEO is getting changed by new strategies and techniques. The schema will help you a lot for future SEO. When you add schema markup to your HTML, it will improve the ways of a web page displaying in the search engine results pages. Additionally, the schema will come under the title of your content which helps to get topic knowledge users. Let’s check how schema plays with SEO:

  • Schema helps in making search engine understandable of their content
  • Improve brand value
  • Helps to improve the rank position
  • Voice search of your website will increase

How you can use schema well in your website

By Google, structured data markup helper selects the data you need to take. Paste URL of the post. Select the content and highlight the words to marked up and continue adding markup items. After that create HTML codes and add schema markup to your web page. This technique has already begun to apply by web design agency for their websites to be ranked.

Schema can be used for articles, events, products, video, reviews. Adding schema microdata code in HTML helps your content to get crawled search engine effectively. This not a simple step there will be some drawbacks using this but still works more good. Rich snippets in your content also help to reach the web page in the search engine at right position. There is a different type of mark up like

  • Product & Offer Schema Markup
  • Local Business Schema Markup
  • Person Market Schema Markup
  • Organization Schema Markup
  • Breadcrumbs Markup
  • Article Schema Markup
  • Event Schema Markup
  • Video Schema Markup
  • Recipe Schema Markup
  • Rating/Review Schema Markup

Every website can use this schema rules and Mark up for achieving good results in the search engine page. Schema is good for local business marketing. When conjunction with well-optimized Google My Business page, it helps to boost your local SEO. By adding schema information in Yoast SEO plugin can help like

  1. Webpage
  2. Organization
  3. Person
  4. Article
  5. Image
  6. Video (Premium Version)
  7. Local SEO (through the Local SEO Add-on)

The examples of some schema HTML tags are :

  • itemscope itemtype=
  • itemprop=”name.”
  • itemprop=” author”
  • itemtype=

Schema adding in wordpress website is a customizable process and by your already using themes and plugins which are getting information for you is an unknown matter. Think before adding schema markup to your site, so breadcrumbs and navigation plugins include structured data into your contents.