An introduction to Google shopping or Froogle and how to access it


Google shopping service is an online shopping given by Google. It is beneficial for users to view and compares products from different websites. When you search for a product in Google ads will show on your Google page. By going to the Google Shopping home page, you can search your product by category, and they offer promotional codes. Moreover, Google gives customer support and other guarantees for your products.

Google Shopping benefits retailers when a user clicks on a product link. This inquiry will send to the retailer’s site to make the purchase. Every retailer can advertise your product on Google. If you are not using these retailers are missing out on the product sale.

Google shopping works by:

  1. Set up a Merchant account
  2. Connecting your Google account to merchant account
  3. Product listing
  4. Configuring shipping and taxes
  5. Making a product campaign

Google shopping was named Froogle, also. After 2012 retailers need to pay to get featured in Google accounts. It became a Google Ad word for selling products online on Google. Google Ad words are the platform to sell their product by advertising. You can list products, offer services, etc.

How to access Froogle

Go to and click the list-icon of the shopping cart icon. You can see this in your mobile by Google Home. Tap on the hamburger button in the left top to expand the menu and select the shopping list. Google shopping ads placed on Google search to get customer attention. If someone goes through the ad, the retailer receives one contact, and they pay money for this to get advertised.

Advantages of Froogle for retailers

  1. Get shoppers attention for your product
  2. You can convert the leads more
  3. It is easy to manage
  4. Benchmarking the Bids
  5. Product get advertised more

Advantages of Froogle for shoppersy

  1. Shoppers can choose product with varieties
  2. Will get discounts
  3. Customer support
  4. You compare prices, varieties, and more

Google directly adds keywords according to users according to their product feed. The rules and regulations of Froogle are different from other sites. Google is making money for every click on shopping ads in Google search. Google Shopping Ad campaign done to get popularised more for their product. These click on ad give money to Google, and it is hugely profitable for them. There is also an option for rating and feedback of products. Moreover, the customer gets detailed information about their product with an image. Froogle helps retailers to get large customer leads and to improve their business.