Visual Search: Biggest digital marketing trends

Visual search has the ability to transform the way customers find and buy products. This technology has already developed over the past years with a huge variety and made consumers more visually oriented than ever. With this advancement, many consumers are able to find products visually before they tried to make an online purchase. The main visual search providers are Pinterest, Google, Instagram, Amazon. In three different ways we can process visual search like;

  • Traditional image search that depends on textual queries
  • Reverse image depends on structured data to characterise similar images
  • Pixel-by-pixel search images

Let’s check out in what ways visual search works. Visual search technology becomes a new space in the development in eCommerce industry. One of the best examples for the working of visual search is the human brain who is able to identify image within a fraction of seconds. The practical idea behind the implantation of visual search is to identify and implement in the same way as human beings do to the machines. The human brain works best but its too different from that of artificial intelligence. Many website development companies are now following these trends as a major phase while building a website.

The image query generated by neural network describes all the necessary information needed for a particular image that has been selected such as; ‘Which color you opt?’ ‘which brand shoe you searching for?’ etc.

How to optimize visual search

  1. Multiple, high-quality images

  2. Images bring a huge difference in visual search technology. Providing high-quality and multiple images can showcase your product clearly. Within this, it allows users a positive experience and getting more hits to the sites.

  3. Work on alt-text

  4. One of the most important things to be considered while optimizing a visual search. It considered as the best place to fit the relevant keyword that helps to boost any page and to a better understanding of google bot.

  5. Images in your sitemap

  6. Your sitemap includes all the information of your website including text and images and how all those elements are related. A Sitemap crawler will provide all the information’s regarding the website. When you create an image sitemap, the crawler will mention the images information and help them to show in the search result.

  7. Optimize image size and format

  8. When size and format clearly optimized, the loading speed will automatically deliver at a faster rate. As a part of an SEO friendly site, quick loading is an important task. When the site is embedded with long load images and video, automatically it distracts the performance of the website.

  9. Tests

  10. While considering all the above function, make sure about the run tests on your site for getting an accurate idea of site performance. Visual search is one of the ways to attain success for your site.

Visual search technologies

Pinterest lens

Having more user experience, there is a chance of increase in every digital marketing sector.There can be many benefits hits on the sector. In a digitalized world, the role of user experience is highly needed to extract visual search techniques. Pinterest comes out as the ambitious visual search strategy and referred to as the image search engine. The Pinterest feature allows the user to point a camera and identify a product. To deliver any products you want to create two types of images like closeup and lifestyle product image. Closeup images are those images in which users can view products in a detailed way and lifestyle product image are those image where users can make a connection with the product and the total outfit of the product. Pinterest is the best platform to build an online relationship with your brand.

Google lens

Google lens can analyse visual data of images to carry out relevant information and to perform specific tasks. This is an app that integrates with Google photos to work better and faster. When you are uploading an image from your phone to google lens app, it analyses the image using artificial neural networks. Within this visual search tool, you can recognize plants, animals, shopping items and so on. Google lens remind google to take a picture and it automatically generates a result-driven output.


Bing is yet another visual search platform to get a quick idea about the images through a web search and give users the ability to search, shop and find information. Bing expands the visual search capabilities and makes faster search experience. For example; when you upload a picture with your mobile camera roll, bing will provide detailed information including a relevant link, images associated with it. Bing improves the searching speed of an image on a web browser.


Amazon visual search technology is known as the Rekognition application programming interface(API) platform. Amazon provides an interesting feature when combining both visual and voice search. Amazon visual search technology provides a platform for visual shopping. In this app, users can take images with the camera and it shows the relevant products available on Amazon. Echo Show and Echo spot bring huge support results with visuals.