How to place an ad in olx

How to post an ad in OLX

Start selling fast through the finest platform

OLX is one of the biggest and most well-known trustable marketplaces for selling new or used products. OLX is not just a platform where we can make direct sales but we also can search for certain services, look for a bargain, find the best products to buy, etc. Besides selling products using multiple options, OLX now offers doorstep delivery services as well. To sell your products or services, to ship the product, get to know the OLX for making your business easy.

OLX selling and shipping process

Posting a product for sales and placing its sales ads on OLX is quite easy and user-friendly if you have decided to use the OLX applications, otherwise, it will be hard to find a similar user-friendly marketplace. There are multiple options to go with when it comes to delivery organizing and payment methods you can choose from are of different methods.

How to post an ad for sales on the OLX platform

  1. Signup for an account on the OLX platform. Make sure you choose the country on the OLX application and fill up all the requested data of yours or your store.
  2. Create an ad for your product and continue to click on the Sell button.
  3. Without missing choose all the mandatory features like category and subcategory for the product or service you wish to sell.
  4. All the required information to sell your products or services needs to be filled in. Only provide accurate information and make sure you have filled all the mandatory fields
  5. Using the delivery services provided by OLX, ship the items to your potential customers/consumers.
  6. Compare the delivery charges before you ship the products.

Tips to sell your products fast on OLX

The vying is ferocious while selling on OLX is just a matter of knowing how to place your products and the strategies to be followed while posting the ad on the marketplace. To sell your product fast on OLX or don’t want to pay for an ad or if you want to make sure your paid ad will pay back quickly, these following steps make it easier for you.

  1. Ad Title:- Choosing the finest ad Title has a vital role. People search for the product, your products need to appear in top ranks. Naming the product or service with a short and accurate name always sounds great. Sellers must know what exactly their consumers search for and this will make sure they won’t just bounce off your ad.
  2. Product Description:- Well-described products will always gain proper attraction. Just like the title, the ad description should have only genuine information as much detail as possible. This is the finest place to convenience your customer and you can gain the trust of the customers from here. This will make the sale process faster and help the buyers trust you.
  3. No Edited Pictures:- There is no need of posting edited pictures because no one wants to buy your used product without looking at it first. Original images taken from different angles and perspectives give the buyer an exact idea of what they are buying, and what their product looks like.
  4. Fair and worth price: - Always be fair with your prices and remember that your products are used products. It is actually appealing to try your luck with a higher price when posting an ad, but in most cases, when consumers find fair prices, your ad will go neglected by them and this will just make your ad get old and drop down on the list. So while posting an ad always try to be fair and put a competitive price.
  5. Offer great service:- Always give fast responses to consumers who reach outs to you even if you don’t accept their offer. This practice would make you look like a serious and genuine seller, and the chances of coming back with another offer are high in such cases. You can download their classified app from play store/app store so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to reply to them quickly. Similarly, once the deal is accepted, make sure you make safe and fast delivery of your products/services to keep your buyer happy.

Delivery services and payment options

In most countries, OLX provides domestic doorstep deliveries. Depending on the country where you live, this offer may vary and can be only store-to-store home deliveries. You will have to drop off your parcel in a post office or parcel shop and the buyer will have to follow up and then pick it up. Also for the exact delivery price for shipping your products you have to check the OLX and confirm if your consumer is willing to pay for it. In another case, you can take the risk on yourself for sending the item on your own or your buyer’s terms. The safest and finest method for product or service delivery is to simply meet the consumers in a safe place and finish the trade in person. When it comes to payment, OLX does not offer direct payment options, it is usually dealt with directly by the buyer and the sellers. The finest and most secure way is to make sure you will get your items or payment is to agree to meet in person in a safe place. If the buyer and sellers are from different places, another city, or even a country, you can agree to use the Cash on Delivery methodology.