How to develop an classified online app like Kijiji?

The popularity growth of classifieds business are widespread among communities. As the development of capitalism emerges, the growth of classifieds ads for promoting business also exists in the form of apps like kijiji. Earlier, the economy like buy-and-sell has been increasing day by day, but now everything has changed with the development of technological innovations and the internet. Yes! definetly it makes a considerable impact on the arena of trade business. If technology reshaping the world, then people also moved from newspaper classifieds to an advanced way of trading goods and services. Websites like kijiji have attained online user’s attention with the most reliable payment methods.

What is kijiji classifieds, and what made it popular?

Kijiji is one of the popular classified app platforms that help users to browse and shop from anywhere at any time. No matter the services you are holding, the kijiji platform takes care of any products, real estate, job and related services with maximum engagement with people. The main attraction of kijiji is that users and search and shop all kinds of stuff effortlessly, even if it is used or new products. Through this app, users can post an ad and make money by selling things like game consoles, mobiles, car parts, baby items and more. To know more about Classified ad website and its top features.

The business model of classified apps like kijiji

When it comes to the business model of online classified websites like kijiji, two secure layers take part in a significant role in development. Buyers and sellers

Here, buyers have an option to create an account and go for search and purchase services within your needs and interest. The next layer is the seller, responsible for registering and displaying their wished products at a minimal cost.

How to create an online classified ad website like kijiji?

How can a website similar to kijiji be developed and what will its development cost? Is this making you confused? Here you get the exact idea for maintaing a website like kijiji. Yes! kijiji is one of the popular ways of making money online with the support of two business models. It is built in a way following the pattern of popular websites like Olx or Craigslist is developed. These websites generally monetize in some of the ways, like featured ads, transaction fees, advertisements on banner pages.

It’s always better to approach or hire a classified portal development agency that is the right fit for your business solution. Every website builds with its specific identity and kijiji developed with a self-sustaining option where user can create and manage their ad-related post without having any technical knowledge. The best option to create a website like kijiji is the wordpress platform because it has many content management sytem to grow any business website with the right themes and plugins. When it comes to the cost of development, it always varies to the features and functionalities. The development cost is purely based on the technical experts or professionals you have within your web development company team.


Are you ready to set up a website like kijiji with a specific vision on your website, or would you like to look like so? Then don’t go for tomorrow, build for today with hope! Develop your website with a reputable firm when it comes to business growth. Need much more clarification about this? Please feel free to contact us and have a consultation.