How To build a Website Like HomeAdvisor?

How To Create a Website Like HomeAdvisor?


Over time the home condition changes, and different things in the house needs to be fixed and maintained. Physical structure of the house will become old enough to be modified within a period.

Home Advisor clone is an online platform where the homeowners are connected with service professionals, home builders, or contractors for repairing and modifying the old home into a new one. Users find it more convenient to contact them when in need of repairing any home appliances and other maintenance like plumbing, painting and electrical works, furniture, etc.

Rather than relying on other people to get a good professional or any house service provider, HomeAdvisor helps you choose the professional(s) in modifying your house with excellence. Users can read and share reviews about the quality of services provided. The reviews users wrote on the website assist you in selecting the appropriate professional. Moreover, you could save their contact for future reference.

Despite the controversy spread about the fake users on the website and related scams, people are still trusting to the fullest from their personal experience of receiving the best services by the contractors or any service providers contracted through the Home Advisor Clone site.


This website connects the homeowner to a suitable service provider. The customers can choose the location and the services offered within the preferred area. Customers enter the required service and are matched with a list of contractors in a matter of seconds. Listings mentioned on the website are for the users to browse and check the details of the service providers like their professional and criminal background if any. As a result, customers receive quality services from the service provider they checked and trusted. Web development has an efficient role in enabling HomeAdvisor to work more effectively. Developing the website with the best functioning and user-friendly attracts the users to stick on to those particular websites.


Creating a website like homeadvisor starts with working on the catalogs of the website. It's essential to make the website simple. Most people visit websites and other resources through smartphones. Thus, you need to consider making the website mobile-friendly. With these factors considered you can either build a website on your own or entrust it to a reputed web development company. A clear knowledge of the specific business model you want to deal with helps in understanding the competitors. A Web Designer primarily works to satisfy clients with the best websites.

1. A domain name is to be registered in the first place before any other process. The name you prefer is registered as the domain name which represents your website. It is shown as your web address while searching and directs people to your site. The price for registering the domain is determined by certain factors such as the length of registration, domain kinds, and add-ons.

2. Hosting is to be done to store the files on your website. It enables the users to access the website through web browsing globally. The services are rented by the hosting provider at a certain price according to your requirement.

3. Choose the best website platform that could fulfill your need as a home service providing medium. There are several website builders

4. Select a theme that creates your site simple but attractive. A clean design with your company logo makes your site stand out from others.

5. Purchasing Plugins gives better access to your website and for proper functioning. It handles the functioning procedure. Plugins are purchased for free or paid. Then download, install and activate it.

6. Add posts, photos, and other content for your site that connects to your work and add the details about the service providers and other professionals. Publish the posts on the website for the users to access.

7. Maintain the site regularly for proper functioning. Security measures are taken to protect the site by regular checking. The website should be upgraded and the contents are provided up-to-date. Track the speed and its functioning for improving performance.