WordPress Trends 2017


AUGUST | 2017

WordPress Trends 2017

WordPress is robust enough to handle some interactive features you have in mind and. wordpress astonishes users and web developers with its refreshments on a daily basis. Each year, we come across various WordPress techniques and trends that get popularized for the welfare of business websites. In the industry, you might have observed the popularity of PSD to wordpress conversion. From past few years wordpress is enjoying the superiority all across the digital market. Now, let us go through some of the unbeatable wordpress trends for 2017.

Parallax Scrolling

In the last few years single page websites were showing high impression on viewers. This is a strategy to increase the visit length in websites. You would have seen, many websites having long vertical scroll in attractive manner. As per parallax scrolling the background of the website will be moving in a slower rate when compared to the foreground. This functionality has been followed by many websites as they show better results in search engines also.

Wordpress Typography

Earlier, web designers were using a small portion of fonts to the websites. But now, web developers can use much expensive typography. This immediately catches the attention of visitors, which in turn makes this trend more effective. Already there are many Wordpress plugins having access to Google fonts. It is expected that, this trend will make a revolution in the appearance of Wordpress websites.

Virtual reality

It is the latest trend that is found everywhere in the Web industry. Earlier virtual reality was associated with gaming websites only, now it is spreading to all sorts of websites. Due to this VR- optimized themes are gaining immense acceptance and popularity. The feature of Virtual reality will surely increase the visit length in wordpress websites. There is a misconception that the VR features will increase the loading time of websites. But some of the well-structured VR-optimized themes work faster than normal wordpress themes.

Shoot up in the Usage of Smartphone users

Currently, many of people choose their mobile phone for online shopping, accessing and browsing many commodities. Wordpress users started chasing the trends in fabricating responsive websites and layouts. All new Wordpress themes are following a specific structure to make the website fit in all screens.