WordPress Trends 2017


JULY | 2017

WordPress Trends 2017

WordPress is among us as a robust CMS and it continues to grow steadily and surprising WP lovers and web developers with its regular updates. Every year, we learn about various WP techniques and trends that get introduced for the welfare of business websites. Even, from past few years, you might have observed the growing popularity of PSD to WordPress conversion in the industry. With such popularity and demand, WordPress is enjoying the domination all across the digital market. Let us have a look at some of the unbeatable WordPress Trends for 2017:

Integration of Parallex Scrolling

Parallex scrolling has come in existence for some time and it is likely to be in trend in upcoming time. Single-page websites can take advantage of this new trend as it creates an immersive impression on visitors and enhances customer engagement by reducing the bounce rates effectively. Implementing this trend can make your WordPress website attractive in all manners.

Expressive Typography Technique

Previously, web designers were confined to using a small portion of fonts to the websites. But now, with the use of expressive typography, web developers can use dynamic fonts. This effective trend creates stylish typography which immediately picks visitors attention. One can add these expressive fonts to their main headers and front pages to make them alive. WP typography trend is expected to continue as the crucial web design trend in 2017.

VR-optimized Themes

Virtual reality is something which has spread everywhere in the industry. Now, it is no more restricted to gaming but also it has the implications for web design. Nowadays, VR-optimized themes are gaining immense popularity due to its advanced VR features. Soon, the users will be surfing the websites based on VR-optimized themes using VR devices. So, you can predict VR as a powerful WordPress Trends for 2017.

Ecommerce Based Themes

Due to the popularity and success of WordPress, many ecommerce businesses are increasingly shifting towards the WordPress platform. There is a huge contribution of many flexible WP themes that allow designers to integrate a number of features and functionalities as per needs. WooCommerce is one of them which provide to the users an online shopping platform to explore a variety of products over different destinations.

Single-page Websites

Simplicity is the key to the great usability of anything. It has become a priority for web owners to make their web layouts as simple as users attract towards it within a single glance. Single-page website is a beneficial WordPress update or trend for individuals and companies dealing in a single product. Apart from being wonderful in appeal, these websites are effectively conducive to storytelling which makes visitors stay on that particular page for long.

High Rise in Mobile First Websites

At present, most of the people prefer using their mobile phones for online shopping, accessing & browsing many things and keeping in touch with social media networks. Smartphone usage has been increasingly touching the heights and it seems that users can see a huge expansion in the ratio of mobile users. Therefore, WordPress developers or users must follow this trend and focus on building mobile websites and layouts.