WordPress Theme Development


OCT | 2015

WordPress Theme Development

To build dynamic WordPress sites, WordPress theme development involves CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP. To make a theme for WordPress is very easier than older days. A wordpress theme can change your design of your website and layout also. Every theme is different in wordpress and site owners have many choices to change their look and layout of their website. For that a theme developer must have knowledge about the options, settings and customization of the API and so on. Theme changing is, changing the look of the front end of your website.

You can decide how the content looks and to be displayed when you create a WordPress theme. You can display the content anywhere that you want to display it. You want to ensure the code is efficient, clean and valid when you copy a static website. If the code is not properly coded, that will make you in a bigger mess and you have to fix many bugs. You can choose different layout to your theme and you can choose responsive or static by using of one or two column.

In course cover page we built portfolio theme in, custom post types, blog templates, widget areas and responsive navigation. A wordpress site owner wants knowledge in css, html, javascript and php to design the wordpress website properly. Every theme in wordpress contain function.php file will define many features to the website. To being beautiful and attractive use good theme that improves the look to your wordpress website.