Staging Environment for a WordPress Site


OCT | 2015

WordPress Staging

A separate area for development with restricted access of your site is staging site. This is where you can test your changes or use it for all your development. Once you have thoroughly tested your site, you can then upload it to your live site. First thing you need to do is to create a sub domain on your main domain. A sub domain will allow you to run your WordPress site in a different folder without effecting your main files, uploads and database.

To do this ,

  • You want to login to your c-panel

  • Goto domain section and click on the sub-domain.

  • Choose and enter a name for sub-domain and choose main domain from drop-down list.

  • Click on the button ‘create’ and check that your sub domain has been set up by visiting it in your web browser.

  • A separate FTP account want to be created for your staging environment and navigate to the FTP account section.

  • Add FTP account by clicking button ‘create’ and also the directory should match with the directory of sub domain.

  • The data want to be copied from live site to staging environment. By this, without affecting your live site, you can test changes in your staging environment with the same data. To do this easily, phpMyAdmin is the easiest way. Log into phpMyAdmin via cPanel, and select your current live database. After selecting your live database, click on the Operations tab in the menu bar.