WordPress Plugins


NOV | 2015

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin is a single file or group of files that is used to extentd the website functionality to make it user friendly. WordPress plugins create additional functionality without affecting the core system. WordPress plugin repository is full of plugins with wide range of capabilities. if plugins are not used in wordpress it will like a blogging platform. WordPress Plugins can modify or customize the website easily. Plugins can be installed, deleted, activated, and inactivated.

Once the plugin is successfully activated, its features will get effected to your website. A plugin can be one PHP file or a group of files containing PHP, JS, CSS and HTML files. A plugin contains some meta information in WordPress to tell what it is and how you handle that in the website. WordPress have categories and tags in-built, bt you can create custom categories and tags.

WordPress provides a concept called hooks, where you can trigger certain tasks to add new behavior or modify existing behavior. Filters sit between the database and browsers and perform certain operations on data, like when WordPress is generating pages or adding new posts in the database. Version is used to define the version and you can use any numbering format as you wish and Plugins need be upgraded with each WordPress version upgrade. There is no restriction on naming the plugin folderplugin name as the folder name for keeping consistency.