Clef Two-Factor Authentication


NOV | 2015

Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Clef is a mobile application that can replace password and username with your smart phone. Clef mobile application provides two-factor authentication that is password free, highly secure, single sign on/off and enjoyable to use. As mentioned there is two-factor protection, so there is no one-time codes and you can login securely with clef wave. You can sign in with the clef wave and sign out with one click or by setting the timer. By setting the timer it will automatically sign out at the mentioned time.

Here “Third device” such as USB cable, security key is not required. Here tried-and-true RSA public-key cryptosystem is used for two factor logins. The encrypted password is stored in the phone instead of storing in the central database. Two identification factors are required for clef login, that is your phone and a pin or fingerprint. Therefore if your phone is stolen the account will remain secure. Clef can disable the passwords of WordPress authentication access like password reset, dashboard and API access. It can protect from brute-force attack, password phishing, account takeovers.

To setup the clef on your website, you want to install the clef application on your smart phone and clef plugin in your wordpress website. To start with clef, you want open clef application in the smart phone and take the website. Hold your mobile phone for few seconds to detect the waves on the screen. After detection the smart phone will synchronized with the website. To logout, you want to click on the logout button on the application.