Find Out Why WordPress is the Best Software for Building Websites


JAN| 2017

Find Out Why WordPress is the Best Software for Building Websites

WordPress is now the best software for designing, building and maintaining a website. Originally developed and designed for bloggers to create personal blogs, WordPress is now the world's most popular blogging platform. Recently WordPress has been further developed and enhanced so that now it is also the best system for creating any type of website you might need. And it is free!

WordPress software is open source and as such it is free to download and use on your own website or blog. If you are thinking of building your own website then you do not even have to look for any other type of site builder system as WordPress does it all.

If you do not have a much technical ability you do not have to worry as this free software is just so simple to use. WordPress is a content management system that is as easy to use as other desktop software such as Excel or Word.

WordPress saves on costs as it is free and because you do not need to learn any code or programming techniques you will get your website built quickly and cheaply. All you need to do is invest some time learning how it works and then you will be able to build websites quickly and with style.

One this amazing content management and site building software is installed on your web host's server you will need to find and choose a Theme to use with your site. The theme you choose will determine the layout and colors of your new website and can be changed with one click of your mouse so it is very easy to try different themes until you find one that you like.

With WordPress you can change the theme you are using at any time so if next year you decide your website needs a facelift then just find a new theme and use the one-clink install to totally change the look of your site. Top professional magazine type themes are also available but you will have to pay for these. But whichever theme you choose you are going to get a stylish website.

Special pieces of software called Plugins are also available to enable you to add extra functionality to your website. These too are also easily installed by a single mouse click and you never see the code but just the enhancements to your website that the plugin provides. Most plugins are also free and can really add more power to your website in many different ways.

An RSS feed is provided as standard with WordPress and this means that any new content you write will be quickly notified to the search engines, such as Google, resulting in effective website promotion to new visitors, who will also be able to subscribe to your RSS feed for future updates. This type of website promotion works well with all the search engines and you will quickly get higher rankings with a WordPress site.