Why PSD to WordPress Conversion is so Popular


FEB | 2017

psd to wordpress conversion

When a website is being created, it is first done on Photoshop Design or PSD. As it were, this cannot run on a web platform. That is why it needs conversion. For this sake, a PSD to WordPress service provider can ease the burden for you.

WordPress is among the most sought after content management software for web design. It helps in publishing, editing, deleting and editing of content. Bloggers use it as a tool to publish their blogs. As a matter of fact, bloggers are credited with making WordPress popular. Today, there is an increased demand for PSD to WordPress conversion mainly due to these advantages. PSD to WordPress service involves working with experts. Always ensure that the person you have hired has the right set of skills for the job.

When converting from PSD to WordPress, the image has to be sliced and edited accordingly. Upon receiving your PSD files, the web designer first analyzes them. This helps him/her get a glimpse of the task ahead. Next, the Photoshop design has to be broken into HTML and the file sliced accordingly. After this, the PSD to WordPress service provider changes all PSD images and text into CSS and HTML. Finally, WordPress integrates the two before the final outcome is tested. It has to be efficiently done otherwise your site will not run smoothly.

With WordPress, you can easily install and update it on your own. Visitors are able to register, it checks for errors, has got codes that are W3C compliant and can run on different browsers. The advantages of WordPress speak for themselves. Successfully launched websites are those that are able to attract a constant stream of visitors. At the same time, someone browsing the internet should not have problems accessing your site.