Why eCommerce Website Need SSL Certificate


APR | 2016

ssl certificate eCommerce

To provide security for online communications, your webserver contains a bit of code this is SSL certificate. When a user contact the eCommerce website through web browser the SSL certificate enables a secure encrypted connection. The number of bits used in the encryption tells the size of the key. 40-bit, 56 bit, 128-bit, 256-bit size of key are available and the longer key size have more possible combination, ie 128-bit encryption is 1 trillion time stronger than 40-bit.

For clients, they can confirm that they are communicating with secure website by looking the address bar. There http will changed to https and it will be in green colour. The SSL certificate have pair of public key and private key. To establish a secure encrypted connection these key works together.

To get Certificate you want to create CSR (Certificate signing request) on your server and this process create private and public key. The CSR file is sent to the Certificate Authority (CA) and that file have the public key. By the CSR file, CA creates a data structure that match the private key. The CA never sees the private key.

When you get the SSL certificate you want to install it in your server and you also want to install intermediate certificate. Intermediate certificate is tied with CA’s root certificate and it will be different for different server.

SSL certificate is important to eCommerce website because, any computer can see your private information’s like credit card number, password, username etc if the website have no SSL certificate. If the website have SSL then your information that send to the server will be unreadable to everyone except the server that you are sending.