When Can WordPress Be a Good Choice


MAY | 2015

wordpress choice

Wordpress was found to be very simple kind of CMS for all blogging purpose. Recently a few years ago most of the web designers found and used wordpress as the best suited for blogs and they chose Drupal or Joomla for other websites. This fashion has now been changed, mainly because wordpress is capable of handling all types of websites. WordPress Development is one of the best and major open source platform that is used to maintain the websites and blogs.Thus we can say that it acts as the backbone of all kinds of websites. Here we have provided with four reasons of wordpress being a good choice

  • If your website is a blog

  • A market share of about 60 percentage of the CMS market is owned by wordpress and thus is a platform that contain huge market share. This reveals the truth that millions of sites uses wordpress successfully. If you own a site, one which is a blogging – centric one then adding a wordpress plugin of ecommerce will do well. Woocommerce is one of the leading and best ecommerce plugin.

  • Simple products

  • If the website is of a type with less varieties and not much customization option then wordpress cart will be a good choice. Consumables and clothing kinds that require slight variations will include this.

  • Product catalog limited

  • Most of the ecommerce wordpress plugins advertise, these platforms hold thousands of products. Examples of these platforms are WP ecommerce and woocommerce. Wordpress plugin will not function as a dedicated platform of ecommerce. Your plroduct catalog really needs to be straightforward and limited for the wordpress cart to be a good fit.

  • Need of a quick store and wordpress is familiar to you

  • If the above given facts apply your requirements then your site will be either a blogging one, or you may have a simple products or products with limited range. Therefore adding this plugin will make your website live within no time.