What Makes PSD to Wordpress Conversion SEO Friendly


JAN | 2017

What Makes PSD to WordPress Conversion SEO Friendly

In the world of CMS development PSD to WordPress is an imperative search engine friendly format in order to develop a robust and user-friendly blog. When you convert PSD to WordPress you also have the freedom to completely customize the blog so that to meet all your needs.

Search Engine Benefits of PSD to WordPress Conversion

1. Uniqueness

Nothing counts more for Google and other search engines than the uniqueness of a blog. When you custom build a blog from PSD to WordPress you create unique structure and content which helps you rank high on the SERP (search engine result pages). Compare this with a template which will be used by hundreds of blogs will seldom let you figure high ahead of other custom designed blogs.

2. Semantic Coding

PSD to WordPress conversion is done using semantic coding whereby every element of your website is well defined which makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to scan through your website and index it in the search engine results. The entire coding is done manually which ensure that there are no unnecessary codes, as these hurt your search engine results and also increase the load time of your website that dents your traffic.

3. W3C Validation

Convert PSD to WordPress and you will have a well-structured blog as they are validated using the standards laid down by W3C. This justification will find out the bugs and errors in your coding and helps you debug them to make your website friendly towards the search engine.

4. Cross Browser Compatibility

This is another important denominator when it comes to creating a search engine friendly blog. PSD to WordPress method of development ensures that you have a blog which is compatible with the major web browsers - Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera which adds to the traffic to your website.

5. Re-Development

The search engine algorithms keep on changing and to ensure that your blog stays ahead in the race you will need to re-develop it. When you opt for PSD to WordPress conversion re-development of a blog becomes easy and this will ensure that you continue to reap benefits out of the search engines using this method.