What is Ecommerce and its Advantages


APR | 2016

ecommerce advantages

In simple words, buying and selling of products or services via electronic channels such as internet is called ecommerce. There are 4 categories of ecommerce, they are B2B (Business to Business), C2B (Consumer to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Consumer to Consumer). The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulates most ecommerce activities such as using of commercial email, consumer privacy, online advertising etc. In India, the most popular ecommerce is based on travel website.

Main advantages of ecommerce is,

  • Cost Effective

  • The transaction will become electronic and the sooner conversion is going to lower on cost. The transaction through ecommerce payment will makes it cheaper.

  • Comparison

  • Ecommerce helps to compare the product features and price among several providers. It helps the customers to get better product or service and also they can earn more money while they shop.

  • Time saving

  • There is no need to search the products by entering to different shops and wasting the time. You can see all the products in that category in online store. This makes easy to choose a product to a customer.

  • Easy to find reviews

  • The company will provide the customer reviews of a product and there will be many good or bad reviews about a product. This makes the customer easy to understand whether the product will be usable or not.

    An organization can grow bigger in the market by using ecommerce and can expand their market to international level with minimum capital. Ecommerce increases the competition among the companies and it makes substantial discounts to the customers.